Friday, January 18, 2008

It's a Sweet Day Here...

It's been a good day in our house, a sweet homeschooling day.

It started with me getting up in the wee hours to spend time with the Lord. We've just started "The Sermon on the Mount" in our Precept class, and it's amazingly rich. I'm learning SO much!

While the children and I were having lunch, we started a discussion about God. These are some of the best questions and comments that I can recall from memory...

Brennan: "Mommy, when God looks down at us, do we look like ants?"

Brennan: "Mommy, do you think when we get to heaven that God is going to have popcorn movie nights with us?" (Our little family thing we do here on the weekends.)

Brennan: "Mommy, when does God sleep?"

ME: "Well, baby, He doesn't sleep."

Brennan: "NOT EVEN ON THE SABBATH?!?!?!?!"

ME: "Sweetie, I guess I don't know all the things to tell you about that. Jesus is our sabbath rest, and God's work was complete after 6 days of creation, but I suppose there are things I still need to learn about all of that."

Caedmon: "Mom! He does still work. He has to take care of all of us!"

Brennan: "Mommy. When I die, I want you and me to die at the same time!" (This one amazed me, because I can remember telling my mother the same thing when I was little.)

ME: "I know baby. I can't imagine you going before I do. That would break my heart."

Caedmon: "Remember Mom, when we get to heaven one day, we get to rule over the angels! Cool!"


Then we did a little Precept discussion time. We've been studying the book of Matthew, and we're currently on chapter 3, so I thought I'd just quiz them a bit and see what's been sticking.

ME: "What was John the Baptist's purpose in life?"

Caedmon: "To make ready the path of the Lord."

ME: "What was he making it ready for? How was he doing that?"

Caedmon: "He was telling the people about Jesus."

ME: "What was he telling them to do, Brennan?"

Brennan: "Be baptised. Oops! No! Not 'dat. Not 'dat. Repwent. He was telling them to repwent."

(translated: repent) ;)

ME: "Brenn, what does repent mean?"

Brennan: "To change your life."

ME: "So, I could change my life without Jesus' help?"

Brennan: "Oh! No! NO! I meant change your mind."

ME: "Change your mind about what?"

Brennan: "Sin. Change your mind about how you are walking to the sin line and turn around and walk to the Jesus line." (insert Mommy's stick figure drawings here)

So, this was the big question...and I was pleased to hear that they understand what they've been learning.

ME: "If someone told you today that they wanted to go to heaven when they die, and spend eternity with God, what would you tell them that they needed to do?"

Caedmon: "Repent. Turn from sin. Follow Jesus."

Nice, my boy. You're listening.


Have a super day!



Dan said...

Okay, that was precious! God's continued blessings...

Jes said...

Thanks! I thought so too. :)
They really are super kids. I'm so proud of them!

janan said...

Awww, for some reason I am just now reading this!

That is so great! I love those kiddos - I was thinking about how we always "wait to see" how they grow up - what God has "in store" for them. Then it dawned on me that He is "already" using them to help teach us! It is an amazing process to watch!

Today I was listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss on the radio and she just started a new series on how to become a godly woman - and she gave a small portion of her testimony. Said that she gave her heart to Jesus at the tender age of "4" and that she grew up with a hunger for him. Some people say that's too young to know and I don't believe that's true. Your kids are proof of that.


Jes said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Nan.

Now, let's hope that the area of their Mommy that needs work...the "slow to anger" part that I've yet to master, won't ruin everything else for them.

Sure would cherish prayer in that area.

Love you!