Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our New Legalistic House Rule...

Now yes, I know, I'm supposed to submit to my husband. I know the Biblical precept on that...and no, I haven't gotten his blessing on this new rule that I'm implementing in our home. But, he's just going to have to roll with me on it...because it's a non-negotiable for me.

I have decided that our children are not allowed to give their ages in fractions. You see, when that happens, it only solidifies in my mind how very quickly they are growing up!

Brennan, or "Brennie-Bren" as I usually call the sweet little dumpling, is so concerned with knowing how close she is to 6, that it's killing me! She just turned 5 in August...give it some time for goodness sake!

So, she asked me for several weeks, "Mommy, am I 5 and 1/2 yet?" To which I responded, "No baby. You're closer to 5 and a quarter."

I then heard nothing more about it until yesterday, when she danced right up to me, big bright brown eyes just 'a shinin', and said, "Mommy! Today I'm 5 and a nickel!"

It took me a minute to understand what she was saying, and once I got it, I thought I was going to laugh myself to the bathroom! :)

She is such a ray of sunshine in my life. I can't begin to tell you what a precious little breath of air she is! I love that little girl so much that sometimes I'm just certain my heart will burst within me when I see her sweet face!

Now, don't you think my new legalistic house rule is in total order? :)
Go hug on your babies! If you don't have any, hug on someone else's. I just recommend that you choose one you know. Picking up a child in a shopping mall, just so you can "love on them" doesn't often go over very well. :)
What a gift! No wonder Jesus loved children so much!


Stephanie said...

I think that seems like a very reasonable house rule. :) No reason they should grow up faster than necessary. Big hugs to you and both of your sweet squeezy ones.

Jes said...

Thanks, Steph. Isn't that so funny?

I guess I'm about 37, 3 quartes, a dime, a nickel and some pennies worth by now, as I'm about to turn 38.

HOW did that happen?!

I remember when I was just certain that I'd know everything when I turned 21! ;)

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I love these sites with the kids on them. They are looking so grown up. Actually, I always enjoyed playing the fraction game with my boys and their ages. First they are 10.1 years old, then 10.2, then 10.3 and so on. You can tech them that in reality, you can always find a reason to buy a bithday cake!!(white cake with white icing.)