Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just a Little Heart Share....

I've got so much on my mind tonight, and so much I want to share with you all, but first I just had to share a snow picture of the kiddos with you! Note the "sticky up" hair that they gave the snowman! :)
Brennan has a fascination with sticky up hair...I think it's because her daddy doesn't have ANY, so anytime she draws a picture of him, she adds some that looks just like the bush above!
Here are the highpoints I want to share with you:

1. Our Precept ladies study is such a blessing in my life! Tonight, I just looked around the room at the faces of the women there and it hit me what a precious gift it is to have women that I dearly love who are hungry to dig into God's Word with me, and I with them.
I mean, I could be studying all by myself..but instead, God has brought these amazing women into my life, and I have the great priviledge of digging in with them...and hearing what God is teaching them each week! It's so awesome! I love you all so much!

2. It seems that God is working to put together another ladies retreat this summer. Last summer we studied "Having a Real Relationship With God", a 40-minute inductive Bible study from Precept Ministries.

So far, for this year, it seems that God is putting all the pieces together...the big difference is that this year the retreat won't be denomination specific. The vision God has given us is to invite women from all over the area to come and learn to study inductively. The retreat last year was a super way to introduce women to Precept studies, and we hope to see even more this year.

I'm not sure what we'll be studying yet, but I am pretty certain it will be another 40-minute study. Those are so effective for a retreat, and then each woman leaves with a basic understanding of inductive study, and of how to lead another woman or women in one too.

If you are a Precept leader or student already, and you're reading this and would like to join us, we'd love to have you! Just leave a comment or send an e-mail and I'll get back to you with the details as we firm them up.

3. My kids can almost recite Matthew 3 by heart...just from studying it inductively the past few weeks! God is so good!
Brennan is asking all kinds of questions about God. I love her sweet little ponderings on Him.
Caedmon is so black and white about things, and he had a CLEAR understanding of what he wanted to do with regard to Jesus at age 4, and has never turned from that. Brennan has been slower about it. She keeps talking about baptism, because she remembers when Caedmon was baptised, and I think she wants to be too.

However, when I ask her if she wants to talk to God and confess to Him, or when we talk about repenting..since she's been learning about that from Matt. 3, she says, "Ummmm...I'm not weady for 'dat yet." :)

I appreciate that she has to be "weady" for that part, and has to understand her need for Jesus. So, I rest in knowing that until that time, He will be faithful to draw her by His Holy Spirit.

Oh, she is such a pumpkin!

4. I had an invitation to go into the local Catholic Church fellowship again this week, and had such a blast! I just love the children in that class..they are precious! We studied Romans 5 and Matthew 3 and then we Scripture acted John 3:16. It was a HUGE joy, and I hope beyond hope to be able to go as often as they'll have me!
Thanks, Steph! I love you!

5. My back is getting better slowly but surely. Thank you to each and every one of you who have prayed for me. It had gotten excrutiating. I had the epidural shots last week and the week before and the pain has gone from about a 10 to about a 5. I'll take that any day! :)

OK...I gotta retire for now. Have a wonderful day!

Love you,



Woman in the Tent said...

Hey Jes,
Nice picture. Great post. I also enjoyed the post on Baptism. I totaly understood what you were saying. I know you asked me if I was a Precept leader, but you didn't tell me if you are. Are you leading your group? Going to Chattanooga for leadership training? Also, did you mention where the retreat is?
Love, Laura

Jes said...

Hi Laura!

I loved your pictures on your blog too...of the snow coming down. Those were great!

Yes. I am a Precept leader, and have the most wonderful group of ladies to study with. They are so hungry, and such great students that it makes my job a breeze!

Yes. We'll be at the leadership retreat in Chattnooga next weekend. Can't wait! Will you be there? If so, we must meet!

The retreat that we're hoping to have will be here in Arizona. In a little town called Cornville. It would be wonderful if you could join us..and it's not too hot in that part of Arizona in June...that's the high desert area.

Plus, it's a dry heat anyway! ;)

Hope to see you soon, sweet sister!

Woman in the Tent said...

Not a leader, just a student. I would love to go to Chattanooga, though. Is Kay still in Israel? Arizona is a little to far from Georgia. Maybe we can meet in Chattanooga in the future. Hope your conference next weekend is terrific. Love, Laura

astraughnomer said...

your kiddos are precious. :)

i'll definitely be watching your blog for details about the summer retreat...i would love to go. i haven't been to something like that in so long, and I know it would be wonderful.

thanks for the comment on my last blog. i love reading your are such an encouragement!

have a wonderful week!

Jes said...


For the record, I'm just a student, too..and hope always to be! :)

Kay is actually in Canada right now, and has requested our prayers as she speaks at a conference she stands for the Truth of God's Word.

Amber...I'm excited that you'd like to join us this summer! Davina and I were talking about you today, about how much we hope you'll be able to come because we both love you!

Have a super day!