Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This is PRECIOUS...a must read!

This is such a sweet blog entry, that I just had to share it.

When I was a brand new Christian, struggling through a painful first year of marriage, I took Beth Moore's class on the tabernacle.

In one of the videos she said something that I took like an arrow to the heart, and for many years I couldn't bear to take another of her studies. I just couldn't get past it, but I now understand that ANY teacher can say something without really thinking about the way it may come across to some...and I've learned that as a student, I need to be willing to extend grace.

I learned that because I so often need grace extended to me when I teach. ;)

I also learned that there really is a maturation curve for a new believer. I had a lot of growing up to do!

The truth is, Beth is so sold out for the Lord, and He has gifted her to speak right to the heart of women.

A few months ago my "spiritual Momma" as I love to call her, Janan, wrote to ask if I'd be willing to go to a Beth Moore conference with her, if she flew into town.

Now, I would go Death Valley with Janan...seriously, I'd go anywhere she invited me to, just to be with her. I love her so much! So, of course I told her I'd go. :)

Well, let me tell you, God ministered to my heart in such a mighty way through Beth's teaching that day. I think I expected a sermonette, but what I got was inductive teaching! ( Which you know by now is my heart!) It was a wonderful day!

So now I make a point of reading her blog. She is a gifted writer, and I love her heart.

When you click on the link below, go to the entry that she posted on December 30th.

I hope it touches your heart like it did mine.

Happy New Year!



janan said...

Oh Baby! This is your mama! Ha!

Didn't that entry make you cry? It sure did me. Maybe because that sounded so much like me and Ed! Ha!

I have always wondered who cleans up after Beth. That girl does so much, and as I read her blogs, Bible studies and books, etc., I find my mind wondering who picks up after her, who gets her drycleaning and all that stuff.

When my mind gets going, everything around me comes to a standstill.

Anonymous said...


this is Wendy again. Are you to Chattanooga in Feb. fo r the leader's weekend?


Jes said...

Hey Nan..yes, it made me cry..big time! :)

Wendy, yes, we'll be in Chattanooga that weekend for the retreat. Will I get to see you? I hope so! :)

Is your e-mail still the same as on your card? If so, I'll zip one your way.


D.L. White said...

Thanks for turning me on to Beth's blog. I didn't even realize she had one. (Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised - everyone has a blog these days.) And that was an inspiring post.

The first Beth Moore Bible study I did, I was leery of - assuming it would be a fluffy time of "girl talk" and surface level Bible reading. Like you, I was also pleasantly surprised to get a deep inductive study. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, My email is the same.