Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Double Post Day...

I don't know if I've ever done a double post day, but several of you have emailed to ask me what the update on my health is, so I thought I'd just fill you in real quickly.

I'm struggling right now, but not too bad. Just having some issues with my eyes, and with my body adjusting to some of the medications.

The one that Shane and I removed last week is the very medication that Dr. Wonderful wants me on. He says my body just needs some time to adjust to it, and that what I was going through last week is more indicative of anxiousness than it is of an allergic reaction to a medication.

I trust him. I think he's such a fantastic doctor, and I'm going to do what he suggests.

So, I'm back on Neurontin.

Also...I had been praying so hard that when we met with Dr. Wonderful yesterday, we would all be on the same page regarding what long term treatment I should do. He had been suggesting Avonex, which is a once a week shot, but from the get-go I just didn't feel right about that one.

I was concerned about liver damage, and flu-like side effects which are supposedly pretty strong and can last for months.

From the beginning, I've felt more like what I am supposed to be on is Copaxone, which is a once a day shot, but has very minimal side effects.

Plus, my best friend from childhood, Anna, who was diagnosed in December with MS has done her research on it, and found it to be her best option. She has more of a holistic approach to medicine, like I normally do, so I trust her opinions on it.

Plus, she's been taking it now for several months and says it has given her her life back.

It's $3,000 a month.

Yep, that's thousands!

When I went yesterday to have the prescription filled, the lady was concerned that my insurance might not cover it.

Then she put it through the system, and it came back that we have a $25 copay per month. That's it.

I literally THREW my hands up in the air and said, "Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus!"

So, Lord willing, I'll start that treatment either today or tomorrow. The pharmacy had to order it in, as they don't stock it due to the price.

If you'd like to follow how Kate is doing, you can go to her CaringBridge site. Just click here.

Be forewarned, you'll fall in love. She's adorable!

Have a great day!


H3 said...

Oh, Jes, I had no idea you were having such a rough time. I am so, so sorry. What a blessing with your insurance!!! That NEVER seems to happen. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Can't wait to see the photos you have coming...

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Jesica,
I think of you and pray for you far oftener than you would imagine by the very few posts I have here.This week -2 weeks-my daughter is visiting and I see her maybe twice a year so spendin little time on the computer.And also am teaching sweeter Than Chocolate.That Pam sure is a sweetheart.
I am wondering(as a nurse) is your MD explained the rationale behid each of the potential meds for you.I do do education visits for Copaxone but that med is not for everyone yet most people respond well to it,have barely side effects and good changes on the MRI's.I have 3 friends beside you who have MS and each on a different regime.Your MD sounds good and that you certainly can trust him.As a patient though I would want full education.I have a feeling you have that however.
Know that my heart and love are with you.You are truly a walking testimony to Him.
At a distance one feels helpless to help but I KNOW He will and is providing for His servant.
I'm lovin your new blog page with Ps 119:38-and lovin this study of course -the centerpiece of His Word--is His Word!!!
Comfort sent to you--
Susan (Atwell)