Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Fried....

I'm so fried, I should be served with a side of hollandaise sauce and some skillet 'taters!


I wish The Good Egg was open at 11pm...I'd be ordering my favorite Eggs Benedict with avocado slices and hollandaise....turkey served on the side, cold please.

And a big iced tea with Stevia.

You knew THAT was coming, didn't you?!


(I'll post something more exciting soon.)

It's been a tough week - 10 days.

Daily injections are a drag....a painful drag, except on the tummy days...I've got extra subcutaneous fat there. I knew it would serve a purpose one day...that's why I've been holding onto it all this time!

I've been swimming a lot, so my arms & legs are getting more & more toned, and thus the shots there are harder to give, and very painful.

I have a super high tolerance for when I say it hurts, IT REALLY HURTS!

I just sit on the couch with my ice pack, fighting back the tears for 30 minutes or so.

It's a drag.

Did I say that already?

However my prayer time while I'm sitting there is RICH, especially when I'm praying for someone's salvation. :)

I sure am learning a lot about suffering for the cause of Christ....

Would you PLEASE send me an email with the name of some you love, for whom I can pray during these painful times?

It's a beautiful thing to be able to think about someone else, and pray for them to know the love of the Lord, when what my flesh wants to do is cry like a baby! can leave an anonymous comment if you like, or zip an email to me.

I won't be able to respond to every note, but I will pray for your loved ones.

You have my word on that!

Love to you,

P.S. I wish you could hear Caedmon's detailed explanation that he gave us tonight, of how he is going to design something to repair mylein. After he went through it all, his Daddy said, "Son..that's called nano-technology..."

I couldn't believe that his little mind has been working that hard, and that deeply, to create a solution to repairing mylein in the brain. He had me, completely, until he started talking about taking the good mylein from dead people and using it in my brain....

I was quickly lost at that point.

It's ok if they need to do it to me one day, I just don't want to talk about it over my bowl of granola, know what I mean?

OK...I'm really going now. :)


Laura said...

Oh baby, I'm so sorry you're in such pain. I'll be praying fervently for you to have relief and that our Almighty Lord will give you the strength you need for this fight.

If you would pray for a sweet friend in CA... she had a hysterectomy a couple of weeks ago and has had major complications from the surgery ever since. Nothing directly related to the operation, but she had unknown gall stones that became aggravated which had to be removed after the surgery and then she developed an abdominal abscess because her blood wouldn't clot. Ugh, she's only 43 and has two little kids at home. Please pray for her physical, mental and emotional strength... her name is Jenn. She's still in the hospital now.

Love you, precious sister.

Stephanie said...

I just love how your heart works. You are in pain and you are asking us for prayer requests. Love you! Praying for YOU!

I know that you already are, but please continue praying for our expectant birth mom. She is such a special gal!

Deb said...

I am so sorry that you are having to deal with so much pain, again I pray for you a special touch from the Master.

Jes here is something for you to lift up, I have others and will get them to you.

from my friend...Nancy,
My sister, Marlys, was just diagnosed with a fast growing cancer. This is her 3rd battle, & this one looks like a tough one. She asked for prayers, & I thought of the three of you.

Please pray for her. She knows God is with her. She has very good doctors, & a good advocate in her husband. God saw her through the other cancer battles, & I believe He will be with her through every step of this one.

Thank you and God Bless you dear.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for asking for our requests...Please pray for the salvation of Coleman Taylor.
ILY <><

Jenn M said...

I don't know if you're still taking prayer requests, but Will has a friend at church who was diagnosed with MS as well and has recently started taking the injections. His name is Dave, and you'd be the perfect person to pray for him since you know exactly what he's going through. Thank you for sharing how God is using this in your life.