Sunday, July 05, 2009

Urgent - Pray for Kate McRae


They ARE from Phoenix...Chandler, actually. If you go to their CaringBridge site, you can read their updates. Click here.

In true form of those who know and love the Lord, their current update is a plea to us to find another child to minister to today. They evidently have a strong support system through their church, but are seeing so many other kids there at PCH that do not have the same.

So, they are asking us to minister to another today, in their stead, and in Kate's honor.

I love these precious people already, don't you?!

God WILL be glorified through them. No doubt. He already is being.

For the believer in Jesus Christ, that's all that matters about our lives.


It's later in the day on Sunday, and now I love you to the moon, and back! :)


Friends, precious friends....

This family is at Phoenix Children's Hospital, going through a painful trial of fire at this very moment.

Please pray for them. Pray for sweet Kate.

I don't know if they are local to Phoenix or if they've come in just for treatment for their daughter, but would you please pray with me that we will KNOW...that God will make clear to us, the local body of Christ Jesus, how to be His hands and feet to them in this, their time of trial and need?

Pray that those who will tell them that if they believe hard enough, if their faith is strong enough, she will be healed...that those people will be hushed.

Those words can be so hurtful...because God doesn't always choose to heal us here on earth.

We are assured complete healing when we get home, but this world is not our home.

We will pray, we will beg of God, and we will choose to serve this sweet family in any way that they need us to...and through all of that, we will trust in God's sovereignty over their lives.

And we will pray that He is glorified through them in ways that will leave them awestruck, astounded at their God and King.

If I learn of things that they need, I will be calling upon you.

You've all blown my mind these past two weeks by how you have served and loved on my family, and now I'm asking you to do the same in prayer for this family...and be available to meet their physical needs also, should we find that they need us.

I love you to the moon!

Oh, how I love you,



Paige said...

LOVE your blog! I am still not sure how I came across it, but I am so glad I did. Can't wait to read more..

Jes said...

Hi Paige,

Wow! Thank you!

What a great compliment!

I love your's my middle name. :)

Have a super day!