Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Part Two on Kate McRae

This post it an add on to my last one about Kate McRae.
It's also a cut and paste from a comment that I left on Angie's blog, which is where I first heard about Kate and the McRae family.

I'm tired and need to rest, so I cut and pasted tonight. I know...I know...but here it is:

I got to go today and pray with Holly's sister.

It was so awesome how God orchestrated the whole thing!

Thank you, Angie, for telling us about this need.

This sweet family is so precious!

Her sister told me about the many people who are emailing them to say that they've turned back to Christ because of Kate's story, and sharing with them how the fact that her family is glorifying God through this trial of fire, is what God is using to bring them to Him.

Praise God for that! Praise God!

How to pray: They are tired. Please everyone...pray for rest, peace, healing, and absolute wisdom from God for the doctors. Pray for God to be glorified in them, that truly is their deepest desire.

Of course, they want their baby healed.

Let us run into the Throne Room of God with our prayers.

Let us cry out to Jesus the Righteous, our Advocate before the Father.

As I was driving home, the verse "Jesus wept," came to my heart...and I got it for the first time ever. I got it in a way I've never gotten it before.

"Jesus wept."

He saw his friends in deep pain over losing their brother and He wept.

I believe He wept because He knew that in order for God's glory to be manifested in them, they had to go through that trial...yet, because He loved them, seeing them hurt was heartbreaking to Him.

Please read the story in John chapter 11. Please.

I just drove home weeping and weeping and weeping, and all I could say was, "I get it now God. I get it, dear Jesus. I get it. I get it!"

And then...all I could say was, "Oh God. Oh, God! Oh, God!"

It was wrenching to see Holly's sister's see the pain and heartache. To see the exhaustion.

She was so sweet. I told her I had wanted to get them robes, but that with all we've been dealing with in this recent MS diagnosis, I'm just not out and about like that yet..but that I'd had an appt. with my neurologist today, and it was literally just down the street from Phoenix Children' the Lord worked that out.

After I prayed for Kate, Stephanie prayed over me.

What a sweetheart!

And then, like a lightning bolt, this toe headed little burst of joy came running through the door. It was Will, Kate's brother.

What a doll baby! What a gift to see his sweet face!

I wanted to hug his neck, but I couldn't catch him! :)

Anyway, he'd have thought, "Who is this strange lady hugging me?"

What a day!

God works through blogs.

God works for us.

Pray God's work in Kate.

I love you all the way to God's heart, and not back...

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Anonymous said...

What did your doctor say about
your medications?
What is the status on Kate?
I thank God for a the way He is
using your trials. I believe that as you endure the suffering that Paul talks about that our Lord is glorified as you give him praise, and honor. I also believe that you are blessed in a way that you may not fully understand in time.