Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Call Me A Pretzel

No, better yet...take me out for one!

This post was meant to be a subtle rant, and then I started thinking about pretzels (you'll get it in a minute), and then started looking for an image of one online.

That's where I messed up!

Because of course, (yes, I do know not to being a sentence with "because," thankyouverymuch!) 
that little trist onto the internet landed me at Auntie Anne's, by far the YUMMIEST pretzels in the world! 


Just the thought of walking into the food court of the local outlet mall, and being assailed by the wafting scent of freshly baked pretzels is enough to make me want to jump out of this chair and make a beeline for their little storefront.

Aaah....freshly baked, with salt and a tub of that over the top icing.

Somebody shoot me! by now you're likely wondering WHERE in the world this post is going.
Or WHAT in the world has happened to me.
Or WHY in the world I'm not resting like I'm supposed to be.
Or WHO in the world is going to be the first to show up at my door with pretzels I'm treating to a pretzel.
Or WHEN I'm going to get a life.
Or HOW I could have EVER turned a post about pretzels into a shout out to Precept Ministries. :)

Alright...let's get this train back on the track, shall we?

WHY you should call me a pretzel is because I'm so bent out of shape that it's not EVEN funny!

I had my much anticipated appointment at the Mayo Clinic today, only to find out that the doctor couldn't view the MRI cds that I had worked so hard to have copied from the hospital, and which my sugar bear sweet husband had jumped through his skin to go and get just in time for today's appointment.

It took an act of congress to get them copied, lemme tell ya. Good thing we're on a first name basis with Senator McCain!
(For all you literalists, I'm kidding!)

The kind doctor assured us that the computer whiz people there at Mayo could get the cds to work, but then I came home and put them into my computer, only to find that 2 of the 3 truly are nonfunctional. 

So, grab your partner 'cuz here we go...

The process now starts again...

Back to the hospital for another pick up of MRI cds. 

(This time, I'm taking my computer with me and I'll check to make sure they work while I'm sitting there!)

The good news is that my Mayo doctor went ahead and ordered new MRIs, as it's been 5 months since the last ones.

Alas, all was not lost.

Yet, I have no more answers today than I did yesterday, and I had so hoped for some.

OK...enough whining and complaining in one post...

It's time for a GIVEAWAY! (Whoop! Yay! Alright! Cool!)

I want you to experience the joy that is my Auntie Anne's pretzel with icing. 
(No, she's not really my Aunt, but let's just pretend that she is for goodness sake!)

Register a comment below to be entered into a drawing for a your very own Auntie Anne's pretzel! Since I'm still under quarantine, save a trip to the Dr's office, I'll buy online and send the winner a gift card.

You'll get bonus entries if you find a creative way to tell me that I'm funny. I don't know how many...guess it depends on how complimentary your comment is. :)

On Friday, I'll use my random number generator to choose a winner.

Mmmmmm...just taste the thick icing running down your face as you lick your chops!

Gotta run....the outlet mall bed is calling me! 

Love ya'll,


chandy said...

Ha! I only want to win if I can pick you up and take you over to the outlet mall so we can enjoy our pretzels in person!

Paige said...

What a fun post! So sorry your appointment did not go as planned. Still praying for you!

Jeanna said...

still getting over my bladder infection from last week, and your post almost made me pee my pants. (is that creative enough?) j/k of course, the whole gluten thing is gonna rule me out, but if I win I promise I will use it to buy you one and bring it over with a latte for some much needed conversation. love you, sister.

Laura said...

oh how I love you.

I'll be calling you to set up that "facial" we were talking about the other day... and I'll bring you a pretzel. ;)

Janan Kash said...

Dear Jes,

I really want to win, so I'm going for the bonus entries! Here's my creative way of telling you you're funny.

Auntie Anne's
The favorite treat
The more you go
The more you eat.
The more you eat
The bigger you get
Jes, you're the funniest
Person I've met!

Yore proud mama,

Janan Kash said...

Jes, I just thought I'd add one more verse to my attempt at telling you you're funny. If the other one didn't make you laugh, this one won't either.

On being bent out of shape like a pretzel . . .

You've got lots of salt
and you've got lots of dough
To say you're not funny
Well, that just ain't so.

Being bent like a pretzel
Can be very tough
People tend to like softies
with icing and stuff.

To me you are twisted
a little too much
However, your dough
is soft to the touch.

Which means you are funny
You're funny I said,
I'm having so much fun
I think I'll go back to bed.

Steel yore proud mama

D.L. White said...

Okay, I couldn't help but share this random bit of trivia. (I can't remember what to get at the store, but I can remember silly things like this!) But I thought you might appreciate it. The story goes that pretzels were orginially invented by monks and the shape is meant to resemble praying hands/arms folded across a chest. So, my friend, I will twist myself up like a pretzel in prayer for you, and will pray that God untwists all the tangled complications with MRIs and logistics, may He also untwist your knotted hand muscles. I'm praying for you! Miss seeing you at Bible study!

Shelly said...

I got the biggest kick outta this entry today! You are hoot! :) You put a smile on my face! I am voting for Janan!

I love you to God's throne and back! You're the

Kim Green said...

I'm just writing in to say that Janan should get lots of extra entries into the contest. She's a hoot! I was going to make a rhyme but it's 1:35am and I have to be up in like 5 minutes so I'm going to get some shut eye.

Love you to pieces and back!! Kim

Win said...

Aunti Anne's pretzel are my favorite too. I actually passed up the idea of getting one while in the Dallas airport last week. I had a good reason at the time but now I can't remember what it was!

By the way, I totally agree with you other friends that you should not hesitate to blog about how you are feeling (mentally, physically, spiritually) as you fight with MS. When believers show that they face real-life struggles and are not "perfect" because they have been saved many people learn and grow from that.

Renae said...

Thanks for the laughter, you had me doubled up in the shape of a pretzel. Great poetry by Janan and think she should win. I love my pretzels minus frosting but smothered in sugar and cinnamon and Auntie Ann's are the BEST!!