Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pro-life Conversion at Planned Parenthod, per Denny Burk

After you watch this, I encourage you to jump over to Denny Burk's blog, and take a quick read of his additional comments on the story.

Abby Johnson's quote to The Houston Chronicle is especially telling.

Would you pretty please join me in praying for Abby Johnson?

Pray too, that God might move on more hearts within the Planned Parenthood organization, and even upon the hearts of their customers.

I believe that God honors those prayers, you see I was once a PP customer.

My guess is that many of us were.

Our eyes were blinded, but now we see.

What is the seeing woman to do, once her Savior has granted her sight?

Abby is going to need the prayers of the saints to keep her strong through what may very well become a tough legal battle.

I hope and will pray that it doesn't, but let's lift her up before our King as often as He reminds us to....doing battle for her through our petitions before the Lord God Almighty.

Won't you stop right now and say a prayer for Abby Johnson?
Say a prayer that some unborn babies might be saved today.
Say a prayer for Planned Parenthood, that more hearts there would be changed today.

Love you today,

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