Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Caedmon leads a Precept Discussion

This may blow your mind:

Tonight, Caedmon, who is 6, woke up from leg pains, and was laying on the couch as I was doing some computer work.

He asked me what a blog was, and I told him about mine, and he wanted me to read something that I had written to him, so I read him the post about Noah ( see links to the left to go to the original post ).

When I got to the part where I was asking the questions about Lamech, he stopped me and said, "Mom, if Noah was righteous, then his dad had to have been."

I asked him why he assumed that.

He said, "Because Noah would have heard about God from his dad. His dad would have been the one to teach him about God and His ways."

So then I asked him, "Well, then why were none of Noah's brothers and sisters called righteous in God's eyes?"

He said, "Mom..they would have had to have died already. I think they were killed by animals or in war. If Noah's dad taught him about God, he would have taught the brothers and sisters, they couldn't have gone through the flood..they died before it."

WOW! Now, I know that he skipped right to interpretation, but after I re-read that post, I see that I did too. I assumed that the brothers and sisters weren't spared, but maybe Caedmon's theory is correct.

Maybe they died before the flood. about having a cool inductive study discussion with your 6 year old!

I love how studying through the Precept method is teaching my 6 year old inductive reasoning skills!

People ask me a lot what curriculum I use for homeschooling, and I tell them, right now...we use the Bible. Yes, we use some other things for math and science, etc. But primarily, we use the Word.

It covers so many things...but what I love the most is that they are learning to think, to investigate, to write, to memorize, to read, and all of that in the framework of learning to "Trust in the Lord" with all of their hearts, and to "lean not on their own understanding" all their ways they are learning to "acknowledge Him" knowing that He will direct their paths.

Wow! God is so amazing!

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D.L. White said...

First of all - love that picture of Caedmon! It really captures his personality. :) Gotta love his sharp little brain too! This was an awesome story - thanks for sharing it.

The inductive way of studying is something that every student needs - IMHO. Learning to think for themselves, analyze, investigate, problem-solve, research, read critically, write etc. - will help them in all areas of study (both secular and non-secular) and will help them in the working world as well.