Wednesday, April 25, 2007

URGENT Prayer Request

I just sent this out via e-mail to our friends who are in Precept classes with us, and to our homeschooling friends. However, for those who read this blog from other parts of the world, would you please join us all in prayer?

Dear Precious Friends and Fellow Soldiers for Christ,

I had every intention of calling you each personally to ask you to pray, but I can't get past the heart breaking sobs that keep breaking through each time I try to speak.

I just received a phone call from a friend, Kim H. Some of you may remember her, as she visited the Monday night study one time.

She is the best of friends with Kim and Brian D, whose home we have the Thursday night study in. Kim is in our Covenant study as well.

Well, the D family left this past Sunday to go to California for vacation, and at the last minute, their friends the H family decided to join them there a few days later.

While there, Kayleigh D, who is 12, started to not feel so well, and her mom saw spots on her they went into Urgent Care. While there, they had blood drawn, and found that Kayleigh has virtually no iron in her blood, and that her white blood cell count is very low.

So, they are transferring her to Childrens Hospital. A doctor told her mom that he thinks it's leukemia. They will admit Kayleigh and will do more testing on her. She is on an IV already, and that's about all that I know.

PLEASE join us in prayer for this precious family. We love them so a very short time they have become very special to us, as I know they have to so many of you who are in Precept classes with them.

Already, even in the midst of this, we can see God's hand at work. Pray that we'll see more and more of His sovereignty shine through in the upcoming days.

1. They are at one of the best Childrens Hospitals in the country.

2. They have some of their most loved and cherished and Biblically gounded friends with them.

3. They have both been steeping themselves in God's Word over the past few months.

4. They are not alone.

Please pray that all that they've been learning from God's Word will be a great comfort and strength to them right now.

Please pray that God's perfect will be done in this situation, and that He will be glorified through all they say and do.

Please pray that some lost person(s) at that hospital will come to Christ as they watch how the D family trusts the Lord through this trial.

Please pray that God will heal Kayleigh, in Jesus' name.

I am going to order a bouquet for Kayleigh, and will send it out asap. If you would like to contribute to it, that would be super. I will be addressing it from the Monday and Thursday night Precept classes.

We love you all, and thank you for loving the Lord and co-laboring for the cause of Christ.

Thank you for your prayers that I know you will send up for the D family, and for Kayleigh.

To His Glory...


Stephanie said...

I'm praying! Is this the Kim from Monday night Precepts that has two dogs? Definitely praying!!

Jesica said...

Hey Steph,

It's not the same Kim. I don't think you know this Kim. You would love her, though. She is precious!

Good news today...the bone marrow draw was easy...evidently if it's leukemia, it's hard to extract.

So, we're sending up praises today!

Thank you for praying!