Monday, April 30, 2007

Our Son Was Baptized Today!

Today was a GREAT day!

As our family was sitting down enjoying lunch together today, Caedmon said, "Mom and Dad, I need to tell you something".

"What is it, Caedmon?"

"God is calling me to be baptized."

WOW! Not what we expected him to say, but he was as serious as a judge. We could tell that he had been thinking about this, and had decided that the time to tell us had arrived.

"Wow, Caedmon. That's great!", I said.

Then Shane asked him to tell us when he thought that God had called him to do this.

Clear as day, Caedmon said, "Friday morning, when we were on the way to the Dollar Store to get things for Precept class."

Amazing! So Caedmon had been thinking about this since Friday!

So, we talked to him at length about what baptism is...about what it means to be in covenant with Christ, and how baptism is the first act of obedience that God asks of us after we repent of our sins, and confess our need for Christ.

It's amazing to me how much this little guy understands.

I asked him, "Caedmon, why did Jesus raise from the dead to the glory of the Father?"

He said, "So we could walk in newness of life."

"YES!", said Mom.

Then I asked him, "Why did Christ die on the cross?".

"To pay for my sins, and so I wouldn't have to pay for them myself."


If Christ hadn't of died on the cross for your sins, how would you have paid for them?

"By dying".


Then we talked with him about how being baptized is his way of saying to the LORD and to those in his life, "I am laying my life down, and taking up Christ's life. I will no longer be living for myself, but for Christ. My life is not about me."

I really wanted him to understand that, especially in light of all that I've been learning in the Precept Covenant class.

Praise God, he understands. As much as any of us can, I believe that he does.

On and on the conversation went. It was so important to both Shane and I to KNOW that Caedmon understood what he was wanting to do.

It was clear that he did. No question about it.

So, we asked him who he would like to invite over to witness with us, and without hesitation, he said he wanted his friend Jonathan to be here.

Then we talked about the different people who he could choose from to actually baptize him, and he wanted his Daddy to do it.

We called Jonathan's family, and asked if they would come and be with us.

Then we went to 3 stores to choose a cake to celebrate this great day...he found just the right one at store #3. :)

And, then Shane and I got into the pool with Caedmon, and stood by his side as he confessed Christ to his family and friends.

He explained when it was that he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. We are amazed that he still remembers the was in 2004, yet he still remembers it clearly.

Then he explained to everyone what he was doing in being baptized..and why he wanted to be.

It was so beautiful!

When he came up out of the water, he was so full of JOY that I thought he was going to explode!

What an awesome day it turned out to be!

What joy to share this with our son!

What a special little guy we have!

Tonight, before he went to bed, he said, "Mommy, what does it feel like to know that your little boy just got baptized today?".

I told him that there weren't words to express how happy I am...and that I know his Daddy is too!

Thank You, LORD!

Thank You for loving my little boy more than even I do, and thank You for sealing him with your Holy Spirit until the day of Your Son's return!

Hallelujah! To God be the Glory!

Pictures to come soon. :)


Stephanie said...

What a sweet little boy you have and know that I am celebrating with you from afar! :)

The Trousered Ape said...

I bet you all are very proud! congrats.


Jesica said...

Hi Shawn and Stephanie..
Thank you so much! We were just fighting back tears yesterday.

When Caedmon woke up this morning, I said, "How are you today?".

He said, "I'm GREAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I got baptized yesterday! I'm GREAAAAAAAAAT!"

It was precious!

Thanks for celebrating with us!


astraughnomer said...

jesica, how wonderful!! i am so happy for you guys. praise God!! :)