Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Friends...

Thank you so much for your prayers for Coleman. So many of you have e-mailed to say that you're praying.

You could give Coleman and his family no greater gift. Thank you!

His situation looks dire right now. We ask you to continue to pray pray fervently.

We trust in God's perfect plan, and will praise Him no matter what He chooses for Coleman...for either way, Coleman will be healed. One healing would be temporary (here on Earth) one will be eternal (in Heaven with the Lord for all eternity).

We do pray, though, that the Lord will allow him more time here on Earth. We pray that he'll be able to stay with us and fight the good fight as a foot soldier in the army of the Lord.

There are praises tonight through all of this...

1. God moved for Eric and Belinda to get passports in 2 days so they could be with Coleman.

2. The doctors in Germany have been the very best. They've listened to Eric, explored all options, and have even been responsive to looking at research that the family has provided.

3. Eric and Belinda have been able to be by Coleman's side around the clock. Initially, they were only given an hour a day.

4. Some precious believers in Germany found out what hospital Coleman was in, and one of them (A Calvary Chapel pastor) went to see the family and prayed with Coleman. Eric and Belinda have contacts of others believers in Germany, should they desire company through this tough time. Regardless, they are not alone...they have the ministry of the Holy Spirit with them each moment.

5. Multitudes of people across the world are praying for Coleman and his family right now. Thousands have been united in prayer.

6. The plan of salvation has been explained on Coleman's blog...more than once. The gospel is going forth! This is the best news of all!

Again, thank you for your prayers. Please keep them going up...

In Jesus,

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