Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mothers Day...Mother's Day...Mothers' Day...?

I never do know...does that need an apostrophe? Mother's Day...Mothers Day....Mothers' Day ?

However it is to be, Happy Mothers Day.

Caedmon is sick today. We've had rounds of this lately, and he got his turn as it kicked in last night on our way home from our first Diamondback's game.

Poor little guy. He's just pitiful when he's sick!


He was whining ( I mean talking ) to me a few minutes ago about the fact that we aren't going to go to church tomorrow, and he's quite sad that we won't be there.

He said, "MOMMY! We can't miss on Mother's Day!"

I said, "Caedmon. My Mother's Day will still be wonderful. I have everything I could ever ask for, for Mother's Day."

"But Mommy...we didn't get you anything yet! What do you want?"

"I just want you and Brennan to put bows on your heads. You are my presents."

And oh, how they are!

We're holding steady here today. Thank you so much for all of the prayers.

They are priceless!


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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day (I don't know what is correct - I have always used the apostrophe and I'm very old, so that must be the correct way)!

Hope Caedmon is well soon! You can share this with him - and Brennan too. Jimmy and Danny were about Caedmon's and Brennan's age when one Mother's Day, they got up very early. Jimmy was five years older than Danny, and he spearheaded this plan to clean up the house for me for my Mother's Day gift.

Our house was small, and I could hear Jimmy telling his little brother every little thing to do, and Danny was doing it. They went into every room and did all they could in each room to clean it up for me. Then they tiptoed into my room to wake me up and surprise me!

I will never ever forget pretending to be asleep but litstening to every single whisper those two boys said to each other! It was one of the most priceless gift I ever received from my two sons!

So remind the kids that the giving comes from the heart, not the store. I would give you more examples of what the boys have done over the years, but God just reminded me that would be prideful on my part! Ha!

Love you much!