Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update from Dr.'s Visit Today...

What a crazy time we live in, isn't it?

I find I'm communicating more through Facebook, email and here on the blog, than I am by phone these days.

I had an appt. with a neurologist today, and these are the basic findings...

1. She does not think that what I'm dealing with is MS. My dear friend who was just diagnosed with MS, is not so sure.

2. I have to have more testing done. EEG, another MRI in a month or so, and some other tests that I don't remember the name of. ...they are designed to test the memory, so I find it pretty funny that I can't recall the name. :)

3. I asked her for a best and worse case scenario.

Best: this could be as "simple" as the remaining issues from having had Epstein-Barr. Evidently, even a virus can cause a lesion to form on the brain.
Worst: a brain tumor.

Say it with me, in your best Arnorld voice, "It's NOT a TUMOR!"

So, we wait, and we pray, and we see what next week and next month hold.

Thank you for praying. So many of you have written or called to say that you are, and I want you to know, I cherish each prayer, and am humbled by your graciousness.

A precious friend of mine called to pray with me today, and in our conversation, she reminded me that even the waiting is part of God's plan, and she encouraged me not to dismiss the waiting time.

I loved that!

So right on!

Thanks, Melissa. 

You're a sweetie!


Win said...

Jessica - thanks for posting an update so quickly. I have been praying for you, Shane, and the kids, and was eager for a report from the doctor visit.

Melissa said...

It's NOT a TUMOR! :) Now that you featured me in your blog (heehee) I'm going to have to officially become a blog reader!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Jesica! I don't even know Melissa and I love her already - what a WORD - YES - the waiting time is for me the hardest part of it all. Every emotion, every decision, every everything is played out during that waiting time. "And in the fullness of time, God (fill in the blank)" . .

I love you sweet Jes and trust God explicitely with your care. I rest in knowing He is The Physician of physicians and I know you do to!

Keep us updated!

With love,

Laura said...

Waiting is always part of God's plan before he does something only God can do, that usually brings Him glory. I'd ask you to review it if you're unsure.

I also want to encourage you that the diagnosis process is part of God's timing for you AND those praying for you. Don't think you're an alarmist, you're not! The time in prayer for you by your friends will minister to THEM as they are on their knees for YOU to our El Elyon.

Although it seems like there are no answers now, I think the amount of prayer that has been washed over you in past weeks is evidence God is working in your physical life and the strength you have is by the working of the Holy Spirit.

I consider it a blessing and an honor to pray for you... thank you for sharing your struggle to allow me the opportunity to do that.

Love you...

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing Melissa's comment about the waiting time. I needed to hear that this week.

We will continue praying and trusting. Thanks for updating us so we know how to pray. xoxo