Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sweet Prayer of a Friend...

I can never adequately express my appreciation for all of the prayers that have been sent up on our behalf over the past few weeks.

Truly, we thank each one of you who have lifted us up before the Lord.

I want to share one of those prayers with you now. This was sent to me by my friend Melissa, (though not the Melissa I wrote about last week).

This Melissa and I met last year in a Precept class that we were both taking. She then joined us at the Precept retreat, and that's where I really got to see her heart.

She came to me at the end of the retreat, big tears filling her beautiful brown eyes, and said something along these lines... "It's time for me to get up and going. I've wanted to go to seminary for so long, and have been studying inductively for the past 10 years or so. Through this retreat God showed me that He wants me to start leading others right now. People need to know how to study the Bible for themselves, and I've been given this's time to share it with other people!"

Melissa then joined us last year for a study of "Rising to the Call of Leadership," which we used as a leadership development class. Everyone fell in love with her! She has the sweetest disposition, and such a heart for the Word and for people.

I wanted to share the prayer that she emailed to me (by permission), because it is so full of Scripture. I've bolded the parts that are directly from the Word of God. (Hope you don't mind me taking that liberty, Melissa.)

As I read it, I was reminded of how the Word of God really does implant on our hearts, and spills out our mouths (or fingers in this case) when we spend time in dedicated study on a regular basis.

Melissa, you bless my life, and I am so proud of you that I could pop! It's incredibly exciting to watch how God is using your life for His glory!

What an amazing blessing it is to call you friend, and to get to sit in your "amen" corner!

I love you, sister!


After I sent you the e-mail, I read your blog.

I'm so sorry to hear about your possible diagnosis. I am praying for you and your family!!

Hang in there, hang in there, hangeth thou in there, dear friend.

Our hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit given to us, allthough, sometimes I feel like my heart is too small to hold both pain and His love. Yet, as the Grinch's heart grew, so does mine.

It grows by faith. It is by faith that a woman of God has a heart that bears burdens, yet hopes and prays and prays and prays for herself and for others.

You bet my hope does not disappoint. It is that hope that allows me to finish strong or smile when the the external screams the contrary.

Praise be our Savior through whom I have received the reconciliation!!

I truly glory in Him.

God bless you Jesica in all you bear as you daily walk!

I am praying on the alert with all perserverance and petition for you dear Sister!

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