Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Poem...until my next post is ready. :)

My sweet friend and "Naomi-Janan" talked with me this week about my last post. She honed in on the part where I talked about not posting more often.

Her words were, "I can't help but wonder if you're discouraged, and feeling isolated."

How precious you are to me, Janan! Thank you for loving me like the daughter you never had. Thank you for praying and speaking the Word over my life. A reference to a song by Watermark..."You've Been More Than A Friend To Me"...such a beautiful song!

Sweet friends, she encouraged me to press on, and to write more often...that it encourages others.

I do admit, I am often amazed at the number of people who have contacted me since I started this blog...people from India, Germany, South Africa, and some of my very favorites from right here in the USA. :)

Truly, this blog has been a source of fellowship for me so many times, and I hope and pray that the Lord uses it to encourage and strengthen you.

Until I finish the post I'm writing about "Sweeter Than Chocolate"...the new study by Pam Gillaspie, published by Precept, I'll leave you with a poem I wrote years ago.

I wrote it right before I became a Christian, but clearly the Lord was calling me. I've since had to change a few words, as the doctrine wasn't correct. ;)

(I do love reading your comments, so consider this an official "fishing" for some.)

Love you!

by Jesica P.

Don’t you ever find yourself,
In quiet times alone
Trying to absorb the awesomeness
Of all that God has done?

And don’t you ever ask yourself,
When you truly look within…
How it is that He so graciously
Once again, forgives THAT sin?

Don’t you ever wish in your heart,
When you’re wanting to give back
That you always stayed the course with Him,
And never got off track?

Don’t you know in your soul,
In the place where He resides
That He wants to bless you…
And to be your joy and pride?

I think of all the mistakes I’ve made,
Of the tears He must have shed…
Of the times I know He wanted to scream,
“Does it mean NOTHING that I was TORTURED, and I BLED?!”

“That sin has been forgiven,
From it’s bondage, you’re set free…
Don’t you know that every time you run back to it,
You’re once again torturing me?”

“Don’t you realize the blessings I have for you,
Are more splendid than any for which you’ve prayed?
I’m so ready to pour them out to you,
Yet I can’t, when you continue to stray.”

“Don’t you want to come home my child,
And feel my love and grace?
I have so much joy and happiness waiting for you,
Those tears We will erase.”

“For there’s no more despair, with your Lord,
And no trial We can’t survive.
You’re not alone in this world, My babe,
Because inside of you, the Holy Spirit is alive!”

“So please, forget the things of this world,
That tempt you to believe
That you could EVER experience the kind of excitement
That only a life with Me, lets one receive.”

“Come home, My precious baby,
My sweet little lamb, Your Daddy longs to hold you…
Your Father, The Great I AM.”


Anonymous said...

Oh Jes, you sweet thing! I love you dearly!


Stephanie said...

Your poem should touch the heart of us all! Thanks for sharing. xoxo