Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Greatest of Intentions...

Do you ever have those?

Great intentions?

How do they usually play out for you?

Now listen, you're going to receive extra credit for full-on, belly laughing honesty!!!

So play right!

I'm going to share with you some of my greatest intentions, ones which, may I add, I am convinced in my heart of hearts could quite possibly save the (my) world...that is...if they ever made it to fruition.

Then, you can leave a comment below and make me feel better by sharing some of your great intentions that have yet to be accomplished.

Won't this be fun?!

Listen...this is a way of ministering to the weary! I promise you! :)

Thanks for getting us started, Chandy!

Good intention List:

#1 Never forget a birthday of someone special to me, and to grandparents and great grandparents, and anyone whose birthday they think I should never forget, either.

#2 Learn to work an electric thingamagilie that can shape my front bushes into little Mickey Mouses, or round things, or yard art .... I think the point here is I just need to learn to do it. :)

#3 Take all the loose recipes I have floating throughout my house and put them into ONE perfectly sized binder, and categorize them logically. (Ok, i'm already asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep just thinking about it, so I doubt this will be getting done any time my house, that is.

#4 Do 1/2 hour of arm work so I have super toned arms....ah, don't start cheering for me just yet..I'm still in session on that one. :)

#5 Go to plays and symphonies and poetry slams with my hubby, you know...the engineer.
I often wonder if he'd quite rather be forced to pull his hair out strand by strand....but hey, looking at him, that doesn't seem a fair fight. :)

#6 Finish my post about "Sweeter Than Chocolate" so you can see Pam's Heart for this study, and post it up here before everyone makes their final choices for the fall.

That's all....all the funny was really just to lead up to the fact that I have to finish my post for Pam. It's wonderful, just takes a little more time to make it pretty, and as I'm just a novice at this blogging stuff, it's taking longer than planned.

SO...I said her giveaway would be today....but I suppose it will be tomorrow.

I do hope that once you see the post, you'll please forward it to everyone you can...I want to help Pam get the word out, and I want to help YOU introduce your friends to a new way of studying inductively.

AND I want you and your friends to have a chance to win a brand new you'll have to be sure to comment. Ya'll did pretty well on the last one! :)

OH, Great Intention #7 - Get in bed before 1am.

I suppose I'll start that'n tomorrow. :)

Love you'uns.
Jes :)


chandy said...

Ooh, ooh! I can totally help you with #3 (recipes, binders, dividers, page makes me a little giddy!) if you can offer some moral support for my good intentions of getting through Wrong Way Jonah! We're only part way through day 2 and I think it's going to be slow going for us :)

Jes said...

Girlfriend! You've got yourself a deal! I almost included a plea to you in my post, for this very thing...but didn't want to put you on the spot!

We could meet sometime, and go through a lesson with all 4 kids together, and you could see how we do it...and then we could organize my recipes. :)

Jenn M said...

I could go broke on all those birthday cards! And of course, each one has to be thoughtfully chosen just for that person, not just picked out of a boxed assortment. My grand intention is to get all my pictures scrapbooked before I die. Of course, since I've stopped even having them printed that might be tougher than I thought. Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

I pray I never run out of great intentions, that would be a day of no hope.

I love you so much the way you are... like a butterfly, flitting about. After spending a lifetime as a caterpillar, you have emerged in glorious joy from a captivating chrysalis. You bring amazing beauty to my life and I smile when I think of you.

Yes, you are just like that to me.

Tiki said...

To have enough time to get everything organized in this house and just maintain it.

Thanks again for blogging you are a blessing.

Jes said...

Chandy...thank you for making my blog look pretty! You are a sweetie!

Laura, I cannot begin to tell you how much I needed to read your sweet comment today, at just the very moment that you sent it.

I love you, too, sweet friend!

D.L. White said...

I love that picture of Shane with B. So cute! :)

You said in your post, "...and anyone whose birthday they think I should never forget." Well, you know me, I'm the queen of sending cards. But please don't EVER feel like I'm secretly disappointed or judging you if you don't send me a birthday card. I really never expect it of anyone. Words and language is my thing, and I get so much joy from sending out correspondence. That's why I do it. Not because I expect to get cards in return. ;) We love you just the way you are - cards or no cards! ;)