Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Story about Kay Arthur

By now, I'm guessing you know how much I love and appreciate Kay Arthur.
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God has used her in my life in a might way, to help me discover the truth of His Word, and I am ever thankful to Him for her.

Yet I do realize, she is just as human as I am, lest you begin thinking that I've got her on a pedestal. Even if I did, which I don't, she'd be the first to say, "Take me down from there!"

Yet God has used HIS ministry through her to change my life.

The Lord reminded of a time that she really ministered to my heart, and I thought I'd share it with you today.

First... a little explaining.

Today, I received an automated message to call our mortgage company. I don't know why, but I started to panic...I guess that with all of these health issues I've been battling, my first thought was, "Oh NO! Did I forget to pay our mortgage?! Oh NO!"

So I called the number, and when I finally got to talk with someone, it was this sweet-voiced older lady. I asked her, "How are you today?"

She replied, "Oh, not too good. Not too good."

And then she went right to business. There was nothing wrong, I hadn't forgotten to pay our mortgage, she just needed to update some things with me.


After we were through talking about business stuff, I asked her, "Mrs. Smith, is there anything that I can pray about for you today?"



More Silence.

Then she said, "Just peace of mind, please. Peace of mind."

I said, "Mrs. Smith, may I pray for you right now?"



"Yes, yes you may," she said.

Both of us knew that this call was likely being recorded, but I was so thankful that she said yes.

So I prayed.

And she wept.

And I wept.

In fact, I'm still weeping.

I don't know what Mrs. Smith is going through, but I could tell from her voice and her tears, that it's something heavy. Something heartbreaking.

And in God's perfect timing, He ordained that phone call today. I know it with every fiber of my being, and I said as much to Mrs. Smith.

She responded, "Oh yes, I know it too."

I love it when the Spirit of God tenders our hearts and calls us to minister to people right on the spot!

Then the Lord reminded me, I've seen this modeled by others.


I saw it modeled by my sweet mother when she'd open up our pantry doors and tell virtual strangers to take whatever they wanted.

Or when I was 8, and she went out of her way to take me to the nursing home in the area, and walk me around to meet each of the people there...and then have me play the piano for them.

She taught me to love, even when it isn't convenient, or easy.

I saw it modeled by my youth pastors, when they took us to "the other side of the track" to take Thanksgiving dinners to people less fortunate than ourselves.

And, I saw it modeled by Kay the first time that I ever met her.

She was leading at an event in Scottsdale, and I had been asked to be her shadow for the event.

At one point in the weekend, we had a break of a few hours, and someone there was treating Kay to a pedicure.

I walked into the salon just to check with her, to see if there was anything that she needed, and to let her know that if she didn't need me during that few hours, I was going to get a haircut.

When I turned the corner, and saw her sitting with the nail tech, her one foot soaking while the toes on the other were being painted, I was stunned.

I know I shouldn't have been. Although I didn't know her personally yet, I felt I knew her character from her books.

But still, I was amazed.

Lying open on her lap, was her Bible, and yes, it was all marked up!

There she sat having her pedicure, at the same time teaching the nail tech from the book of Hosea!

She was no different in that moment than she had been the night before when I'd seen her teach on the stage, in front of a room full of people.

She was letting the Lord use her to redeem the time!

Isn't that just the coolest?!

Not only that, but when I stepped in to ask my question of her, she introduced me to the tech by name!

Do we do this?

Do we care enough to ask the name of the person who is serving us?

Do we take the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them?

Do we pray for them when the Spirit of the Lord asks us to?

Just thoughts to ponder today.

Oh, before I forget...Kay also stopped and prayed with me that I'd get a good haircut!

Now that's a friend! :)


Shona said...

Thank you Jes for another thoughtful post. I recently read a book where the author called us to treat strangers as if they are Jesus. This was a new idea for me as I've always treated others as if I were Christ ministering to them. However, Jesus states very clearly what ever we do for others in need we do as if unto him.

What an eye opening concept... to treat others as if they are Christ. It has changed my position of pride and has humbled my self opinion. And surprisingly I'm enjoying serving from the bottom.

Diane said...

I stumbled across your blog when I received an e-mail the other day from the home school group. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing from your heart. I look forward to making frequent visits here.



Anonymous said...

I was there! What a cute haircut it was!!! Everything you said about Kay is right on! Wendy

Laura said...

Oops... the post from "Shona" was actually from me. I didn't know she had signed on to Google on my laptop. Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Laura, I love you eye opening concept about treating strangers as if "they" are Jesus versus as if "I" were Christ ministering to them.

That's good. Thanks!