Monday, June 29, 2009

Post Your Precept Classes on the Map!

Hey Everyone,

This came out from the's so easy to do!

Would you PLEASE take 2 minutes and enter your Precept class on the map?

For those of you who are in the Leadership Development class with me on Monday nights, please enter any classes that you know God is calling you to lead in the fall, also.

Well...for ANY of you who know what you'll be leading in the 'em, ok? :)

Love you all,

Hey all you who work so diligently every day to establish people in God’s Word!

Social media is conducting a “viral” experiment and could use your help!

Here’s the challenge:

·o To see how many inductive Bible study folks we can get on the WORLD map within the next 48 hours! AND, find out what they are or will be studying.

Please go to the below link where you will find more details.

Please SIGN the guestbook.

THEN, forward the link to those you know who are taking a Precept study or will be – come fall.

What a visual we hope to have by Monday morning of those who are being established in God’s Word – ACROSS THE WORLD.

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