Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why I Love Garage Sales...

The fruit of my spending therapy this morning. Remember the Alamo!
They built this with the $3 (antique) Lincoln Logs that I found at a sale..antique was their word.

They made this with no map, I gotta add....pretty cool, eh?

And...a few pictures from yesterday's cruise of the Baltics, with Toot-Toot the wonder explorer.

Ooh..that water looks good! I think I'm going to go jump in right now!

Happy Saturday everybody!


chandy said...

Watch out! You guys might have some future engineers on your hands!!

Anonymous said...

I love garage sales too. I was blessed to see the happy faces of your little ones. Great building!
Texans would be proud to display.
Thank you for sharing such adorable pictures.
Very happy to hear you are better.
Sounds like you have a prince for
a husband.I am blessed to hear that you are being taken good care

Chris said...

Hey Girl!

Love your Happy Words and pictures posted on Saturday! I can just feel your joy! The kids are oh - so- cute and little pupply is hilarious!

Can't wait to see you tonight if you are still up for video night!!


JoJo Tabares said...

Wow now THAT was a log cabin!