Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You Interested in an Online Inductive Bible Study?

Hi Sweet Friends!

Today is going to be question and answer day, and I think it will be both fun and productive!

OK, I'll go first. Seems only natural, doesn't it?

Q.1 - If you had the opportunity to do a study with me (and others) here via this blog, is that something that you'd be interested in doing or have a need for?

I'm thinking about this because inevitably I find that what I want to write about is what God is showing me through the very study I'm doing at the time.

Yet, I don't want to tell you everything I'm learning, because I want you to learn how to study for yourself, and mine the truths of God's Word as you meet with him one on one.

So, my idea is that I would use the book I'm currently leading, and you'd purchase one through the link to the ministry that I'd post. Then, you'd do your homework and I'd post questions from the week that pertained to that given lesson.

You would then use the comment section to respond.

Hopefully enough people would be actively participating that we'd get a great discussion going.

I might even do some sort of Vimeo or YouTube video to go along with it.

Would love to know if this is even something that you desire, or would have the time to do.

OK..your turn to question (or comment) and my time for sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Love to you,


From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

I would be interested in that idea, but it would depend on what the study was focused on. And how many other studies I'm doing at the time you start it up. LOL What topics/books were you thinking of?

Jes said...

Hi Snowflakes,

I'm thinking that I'd use whatever I was using with the precious women in the class I lead at my church.

Right now, we're working through one of my favorites, "LORD, Teach Me To Study the Bible in 28 Days."

So, if I do this anytime soon, that will be the book we'll use. It's only a 4 week study, and by the end of it you'll have the basics of inductive study down and will be able to use those tools for any book of the Bible.

Also, we'll work through the entire book of Jonah, as well as through the book of Jude.

It's such a fantastic study!

Love to you today.

P.S. Could your blog BE any CUTER?!


chandy said...

I might be interested in something like this :)

Traditional bible studies are so difficult for me right now, because I just hate to leave home again in the evenings.

Stephanie said...

I would be interested, mainly in the time from just after Thanksgiving to the New Year, our Bible study breaks in that time.

From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

Aw, thanks for the complement, and for stopping by, Jess! I haven't had time to do much with it this week, but it really is fun for me, and I'm hoping to get back on track tomorrow. I love your blog too, and learn a lot from it. And I'm praying for your family and your sweet babies today. I hope those fevers break and everyone does alright! That sounds like a great study! I'll keep my eyes out for further posts about it. :-)

Elizabeth Martin said...

Hey Jes, I was thinking this might be the way for me to lead a study. What I want to lead it on would be either Jonah or Lord, Help me Grow Spirituslly in 28 Days. Online may be better than Skype.