Friday, October 08, 2010

Shane - A Few Things We Need to Discuss Regarding Our Marriage

1. You are never more attractive to me than when I see you sitting at the desk in the library, studying the Word of God.

2. Thank you for working so very hard so that I may stay home with our children.

3. I am so appreciative of the fact that homeschooling isn't my idea, but is our conviction from God. Thank you for all of the times that you remind me of this very fact on the days when I am weary. 

4. Though neither one of us knew that we had Multiple Sclerosis in our future, I thank God constantly that He knew it and had chosen someone with such a servant's heart to be my beloved. Thank you for the countless ways that you are strong for me when I am weak.

5. For all the times that I watch you with our little girl, and tears fill up in my eyes thinking about how grateful I am that she has you...thank you. 

She's too young to realize what having a Daddy like you will mean for her as a woman, but I do. And I thank you for how you cherish her, love her, protect her, are so tender with her, and treat her as though she's the smartest and most beautiful little girl in the world.

(We both know she is!) ;)

6. Every little boy needs their Daddy to be their hero, and you fit this role to a "t" for Caedmon. Thank you for how you're teaching him to be a man....for how you're establishing in him the family work ethic. 

Thanks for all of the times that you remind him that when he's talking to me, he's speaking to your wife and for making it clear to him just exactly what you won't put up with toward your wife. Love that!

Thank you for teaching him to be a man of prayer. What an amazing kid he is! 

Thanks for the countless hours you've spent playing with him from the moment he arrived. 

I'm not going to be angry about the fact that he cried and cried when I first held him, and didn't stop until you took him and he heard your voice and looked into your eyes for the first time. 

It's been 10 years, but I really do think I'm going to let it go now. ;)

7. Thank you for all of the times that you tell me I'm beautiful. Even when I don't see the same thing in the mirror, you give me that look of utter disbelief and start counting the ways that you see me as lovely. 

If only every woman had a husband who spoke to her like you do to me!

8. For all of the times that you eat (or have eaten over the past 11.5 years) a charbroiled, a blackened, a burnt meal and said that you "like things a little crispy" are wonderful!

9. Thanks for teaching our kids to love the outdoors. There's still hope for me, so don't give up yet ok?

10. And finally, even though every picture in your office is perfectly measured from the ceiling down to be at the same height, and even though every single piece of paper in your office has a place for itself and has itself in it's place....a million thanks that you don't require the same at home of your artsy-freebird kind of wife. 

Thank you that as long as the light is on in the window, and you have a warm hug to greet you here, you're all good.

I love you darling. 

I just thought we needed to discuss these things regarding our marriage.

You bless my life beyond my imagination.

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm....Can I get some fries with that?  ;)

And love to you reader,


chandy said...

This is very sweet! I love hearing people actually say nice things about their spouses :)

(And having seen Shane's office before, I had to chuckle at #10... you'll have to tell him I said hello. I haven't heard from him in ages!)

Jes said...'d be rolling in the floor at #10 if you could see our house by comparison!

Loving the profile picture!

Hope you and yours are well!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Honor that man!!! woo hoo! shauna

Anonymous said...

I love it! Honor that man!!! woo hoo! shauna