Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Thanks to everyone for registering a comment and names to pray for!

Have you seen the list now

It's so great! 

There are bunches of people to pray salvation for! 

I received the sweetest note from a lady who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and wrote to say that her daily shots are very painful too, and that she's going to begin to pray for the lost as well!


I never thought about that happening. I do hope that she'll consider praying over the list you've given to me, once she has prayed over her own. :)

I'm not going to be deleting my lists anymore. I wish very much that I had kept the first one up, so that it would be a testimony to all of us of how God can bring good from pain...and a reminder of all who had been prayed over.

One request, and then I'll tell you who won....

If you find out that someone whose name you've sent me commits their life to Christ, would you please email me to let me know? 

What a joy it would be to share that praise with everyone!

OK...the winner is:  Jamiee - #36

Jamiee, congratulations my sweet friend!

I hope your whole family is blessed by this study, and would LOVE to hear from you as you're working through it. 

Much love to you all tonight,

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Anonymous said...

you can post my name. i am cool with that!