Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giveaway Time! Register to Win by Leaving a Comment!

Sorry it's a bit has been a BIG day!

Because of the hard work of my precious friend, and the good  hand of our Mighty God, we have been chosen to meet with a Dr. in New York who is a vascular surgeon and works with MS patients.

It's pretty fresh right now....


I might have my brain (or at least the veins leading to it) operated on!

That's kinda surreal!

Would you please pray for us?

Here are the specific requests:

1. That we will glorify God in everything we say and do..that we'll remember at all times that He could have said, "no" to MS in our lives, but that He didn't. 
Thus...He will be glorified in our lives as He was in Peter's, Paul's, and Job's as they dealt with their struggles which the Lord allowed.

2. That we could afford the travel expenses. 
Hotels, cabs, food...all that is going to add up. 
Anybody out there have some hotel points just burning a hole in their pocket?  :)

3. For me, that childcare would be worked out.

4. That we'll be able to have some fun in NYC before meeting with the Doctor.
(That's a funny request, now isn't it?! Since I was a little girl watching Annie, I have longed to go to NYC...this is big stuff for me!)

OK, I bet you're thinking...
"AHEM. Could we get on to the giveaway already?!"

Sorry for the self-centered interruption there. :) 

Thanks for bearing with me.


Precept Ministries International has an amazing Bible study program now available for Junior High and High School aged students...and they've graciously offered a full study guide on Joshua as a giveaway to one of YOU!

May I just say, you are in for a real TREAT!!! Or rather your kiddo is!!!!
(Your cover will look a little different than the one shown, but the goodie  inside will be the same!)

As always on my blog giveaways, if you leave a comment you'll be registered to win, BUT if in your comment you give me the first name of someone who needs Jesus, whom I can be praying for when I take my MS shot at night, you'll be entered twice.

In fact, for each name that you leave I'll give you an extra entry!

While you're waiting to see if you're the winner you can go to this link, which will take you to the Precept E-Store, where you can download a free sample lesson for preview!

When you land at the store, hit your backspace button once and you'll be able to see the other studies that Precept has for teens, as well as the Teacher's Guides and Helps CDs that they offer.

I'll draw a winner next Thursday...yes, that gives a WHOLE WEEK for you to share this link with your friends! To do so, just hit one of the little icons below this post. See them down there...the "m," "b," t," "f," etc? 

Just click on one of them and you can easily share this blog entry on your own site, or to Facebook, via email, or through a tweet. Google Buzz is even listed down there, but I'm not sure how that works. If you know, will you fill me in?

Let's help establish others in God's Word...share the giveaway information!

Much love to you in Christ Jesus today,


Jaimi said...

Will be praying for you!

Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. My kids are doing Joseph and love it.

You can pray for Miriam. :-)

Anonymous said...

pray for Sarah, Zach, Ben! I am exicted about your trip to NYC and will be praying re: the visit with the Doc. If I win I am taking it to the Youth Pastor at our church! love u sister, Shelly <><

Jes said...

I accidentally deleted Darlene's original comment with the link that would allow me to publish it...

Thus, I'm copying and pasting it here and it shows up under my name.

Sorry Darlene.

Thanks for the names to pray for!

Thank you to all 3 of you for praying for me!

Love to you today...

Praying for you!

Please pray for Jacob, Barry, Brandon, Kai, Dakota, Tyler and Cody.



RenaeSal said...

SO happy that you're getting to see the doctor in NYC!! I'm praying you'll have a fun time first followed by a good appointment with clarity, good communication and understanding on both parts. Please keep me posted!

Chantel said...

Pray for Mari, Nick & Katie. :)

Thank you so very much!

Jes said...

Eunice, I'm posting this for you under my name with your email address deleted. I just didn't want you to get any unexpected spam.

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for commenting! :)

Sounds like an exciting, hopeful time for you indeed!

Praying things go well! :-)

Blessings, ~eunice b

You can pray for Charles, Bev, Brenda & Bud....thank you!

Marybeth said...

It would be wonderful to introduce my kids to a Precepts study!

I would love for you to stand in the gap for Ann, Ed, Kevin and Charlie. Marybeth <><

Tacha said...

Will keep praying for you Jes!

Pleae pray for a family friend named George. He worked in the military for many years doing off the record types of things. He does not think that someone who has done the things that he has can be saved. His children are grown up and are very hateful towards him. He was not around much when they were growing up and could not talk about why.

My father continues to witness to him and will be seeing him again today. He is at high risk for heart attacks and under tremendous stress. He needs the healing and salvation of Christ desperately.

Jes said...

I couldn't get blogger to post my comment. Could you possibly post it for me? :)

Jes, I will be praying everything works out in NYC and that you get to have some fun while there, too. :) Medical trips are boring w/o a little fun thrown into the mix!

Please pray for Nakita and Mattie.

Love, Audrey

PS- I miss you so much. I have been thinking about you alot lately. If it's okay I would like to give you a call sometime, I'm just never sure when a good time would be? I know how nerve wracking it is waiting to travel to new doctors, I leave for Cincinatti on Sunday! Praying for answers for the both of us <3

Jes said...

Another comment from a friend who couldn't get blogger to let her do so...

From J:
Hi Jes – my friends:

Christa & hubby
Diane & Craig
Vicki R
Hobie & Jen

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, my friend! I'm keeping you in my prayers & thank God for you! I wasn't going to comment, but I LOVED the invitation to pray for others, so here is my list: Andy, Rick, & Emerald.
Thank you & may God bless you abundantly!
Love, Kim

Jane said...

I will be praying for you as you meet with the surgeon. I don't have MS but I have RA so I know all about giving yourself shots! I'd like to enter the giveaway for the same reason I saw someone else was, to give to our youth pastor. Our women do Precept at our church but we are trying to get the youth, men, and children leaders hooked! You can certainly pray for my husband of 31 years who is not saved.

Thank you!