Friday, October 30, 2009

Very Possibly The Most Important Video You'll Ever Watch - Paul Washer

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Renae Salazar said...

This was a powerful message, not just because of the truth behind it, but because of Paul Washer's obvious love for his listeners and his deep desire for hearts to be changed & for no one to be deceived.

I struggle with messages like this because Satan has at various times attacked my belief in my own salvation & has thrown me off track with doubts and fears and insecurities. Each time that's happend, I've had to eventually come back to the truth of Christ's finished work and promises and to God's faithfulness to His covenant to get myself back on solid ground. What I've discovered is that if we doubt where we stand with God, we're unlikely to have victory or growth in our walk. I think Satan often tries to make true believers doubt their security and standing with God through Christ.

So on the one hand, I applaud this pastor for calling attention to the easy believism that's so prevelant today and to the fact that saying we're saved doesn't make it so. On the other hand, I hope this type of message doesn't succeed in shifting a true believer's faith off the stable foundation of faith that he is a forgiven, justified, righteous child of God through the blood of Christ.

It looks like I'll be teaching the Precept class, Sermon on the Mount in the spring semester which is Matt 5-7, and am sure I'll refer to some of what he taught/shared when we get to chapter 7, so thanks for sharing the link to this sermon!