Sunday, October 18, 2009

She Nailed It....

Good Sunday Morning to you all! I'm just about to go to church (in my bed)...

I'm going to listen on our church's website, and get caught up on missed sermons.

Oh, how I can't wait to be back....I'm sad that we're not going today, because I miss my family, and I really miss praising the Lord together with them! I miss the fellowship, the hugs, the prayers together...we haven't been to church on a Sunday morning in a month!

On top of all of that, which is both the cake and the icing, I miss being taught face to face by my pastor. 

I'm going to ask Shane again when he gets up, if there's any way he'll let me go...but I pretty much know the answer. 

This most recent exacerbation has been brutal...and yesterday I started coughing all this gunk up...(TMI?)...I think we're both concerned about that because we now know that when I get a cold or sinus infection, it brings on another exacerbation.

Which means more damage, likely permanent, and it also likely means another round of steroids...which is just so hard on everyone.

OK...I'm digressing. I just thought I'd catch you all up a little bit. I haven't felt much like writing about the MS...but I'm sure I'll be doing more of've encouraged me to blog through this process, that God may be glorified, and I am going to do just stay tuned. :)

Now, on to the real purpose of this post...

My precious friend Shauna, wrote an article on her blog titled Ladies Who Claim Christ, and it is the best article on submission of the Christian wife that I've ever read!

You have to click the highlighted link above and go read it!

I hear little feet....gotta run.

Love you all this morning,

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Ruth Simmons said...

I'm attending church online today too! Caught up with the last sermon. We can keep the echurch going. I pray that cough breaks everything up and you get better quickly.