Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Day After Angioplasty #2

Hi Friends,

I'm writing from my phone again, so this post will be short.

Yesterday I had my 2nd angioplasty. There were problems entering through my veins so Doctor Mehta had to go in through an artery in my left leg. I think I must have bled quite a bit, but have nothing to compare it to in order to say whether it was considered a lot.

I've been very tired today, which I expected.

Other than being tired, I'm really doing well.

I have chosen to start weaning myself off of some of the medications I've been taking for MS. I know my body well enough by now that I will be able to tell if I need to get back on them. If so, I will.

But if not.....what a blessing!

Lisa and I are going home on Friday. We will travel by train instead of by plane because neither Shane nor I have a peace about me flying this soon after having had an artery opened. (Opened may not be the correct medical term.) Whatever the correct word, we have all (Sweet Lisa included) just lived enough years that we know when we aren't at peace about something we'd better heed the warning.

So...a traveling we will go. The train trip will take almost 19 hours all total.

Would it be too selfish to ask you to pray for free upgrades to business class, or to a sleeper car?

At the least, having handicapped seating really would be a blessing!

How are you coming on the study? Any questions yet?

Snowflakes to Hotcakes...would you please tell me your real name again, so I can add you to our class list? :-)'s not at all too late for you to join us! We'd love it if you could! May I add your name?

Chandy, are you going to be with us? I remember that you had commented that a study like this could work well for you. So hoping you will join too!

Love to all of you. Thank you for your countless prayers for Lisa and I!

Much love in Jesus,


Anonymous said...

Delighted you chose a train. And no, I will be praying for an comfortable upgrade. :) Love ya Candee

Valerie said...

I'm so glad you decided to travel by train. I am praying for an upgrade-- that is a long trip. Can't wait to see you again, Jes, and give you a big hug. Until then, I know the Lord has you in his arms.

chaundra Anderson said...

yesadd me! i ordered the book. unfortunately, the first week is only every other page online. but i am excited to get started once my book gets here, and i will catch up. i have a friend interested to join in. i will see here tonight and explain the details. please pray for my husband's Mormon dad, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's this week, my lack of time management, my marriage, and finding a sub for my Zumba class. (my job) Also, wisdom in my parenting. i will be lifting you up to Him about going off your meds, and a safe trip, and a quick recovery from your procedure. thanks for facilitating this jes. :)

chaundra Anderson said...

ok... i have two more other ladies interested. one in atlanta with me, and one in portland, or! i hope you don't mind. :) i'm very excited about how God is going to use this! yay!