Monday, November 29, 2010

Question for week One...and a Test Video

Hi Ladies,

Remember when I told you to expect opposition?

Yeah...well, that's what I feel like I've been dealing with this week. 

Yet, at this very moment a friend of mine is sitting in the airport with a 5 hour delay, and on this end I'm thinking, "Oh Cool! God must have someone that He wants to use her and her husband to speak with! Can't wait to hear that story!"

So I'm left to ask myself what He's up to with our study getting a late start. I don't like delays.

Yet today, was another day of them for me. Another doctor's visit, as my left leg was swelling and has been hurting for several days. 

Another sonogram.

Another report that everything is ok.

While I am thankful for the good news, I can't see the WHY in any of this. 

I mean, I didn't share the Gospel with anyone in the waiting fact, I spent most of my time there trying to die to my flesh; I spent more money on medical stuff; and my sweet friend Lisa came to my rescue yet again...sacrificing her day for me.

She wouldn't even listen to me when I told her I was fine going by myself. 

And you.

You have been on my heart all day long! Remember, videos and questions were supposed to go up today?

You were my #2 today!

(Guess Who #1 was?)

Here's what I have for you's not at all what I had planned, but it's definitely what I believe God has laid on my heart for you.

Has the Word of the Lord been hidden in your house as it was in the House of the Lord?

How important is the Word of the Lord in the church that you attend? 

With regard to the children's ministry in your church, how much focus is placed upon them truly learning to dig into God's Word?

Is it all pizza, parties, Bible stories (apart from the actual Scripture), and babysitting?

Do you see your children growing in the Lord as a result of what they're learning?

Are YOU teaching your children the Word at home, or are you dependent upon the church to do that for you?

I know I'm not going in order here...I'm just pouring forth from my roll with me, ok?

Are you seeking a popular pastor; a t.v. evangelist; or someone else at the cost of spending one on one time with the LORD through His Word?

If you have been doing this, has this week's study shown you how much God has for you through your own diligent study of His Word?

What did you learn from Josiah's life that impacted your own?

What changes are you compelled to make as you witnessed the life of a young boy who was changed by the Word of God?

If you're a mother or a grandmother, how can you be encouraging the children in your own life to seek the Lord and obey Him?

How might you edify them by sharing Josiah's story with may have a Josiah (or and Esther) right there under your wings...waiting to be nurtured to greatness for God.

Ahem. I don't think there's really a "may" in this equation, for believing parents and grandparents.

What did you learn about God that just left you in awe?

What is God calling you to change or improve upon in your walk with Him, through what you've learned thus far?

Oh ladies...I love you!

I thank God for you!

I can't wait to see your answers...and to feel well enough to lead this study as my heart so desires to.

I'm testing my first uploaded video. 

Thanks Lisa. You're the best. 

Grace and Peace to you tonight, in Jesus Christ and God our Father,


Anonymous said...

This is the "test" video??? Thanks a bunch!! The wacko crazy-eyed, my friend is a guinea pig video. And what in the world was I trying to get out of my teeth??? And just to let everyone know, Jes' light was glaring in my eyes from her camera. Lisa;-) BTW, that pie was pretty delish -- chocolate peanut butter, yum, yum!! And the adventure continues.

chaundra Anderson said...

hi everyone, i am so excited about these questions, as they are SO applicable to a journey that i have recently taken, in finding a church to attend. actually we had to do that twice in the last year, because we moved to two different states. in my search i have been SHoCKED by the "seeker friendliness" and the "flashy hooks to keep 'em coming" of some churches. i have been saddened to be unable to hear a pastor actally feeding and nourishing the body. i have been confused by labels, doctrine, and denominations. but in all of this God was so faithful.

i am now absolutely in love with the church we are at. an hour of sunday school with verse by verse teaching, shared prayer requests, sharing of meals (once a month), and in depth discussion. the children experiencing much the same thing in their classes.

an hour and a half of worship, sweet worship... but nothing really flashy. our children starting at age five sit with us in church. and they are learning and growing in ways that i would have NEVER given them credit for. i was terrified of this, because i was raised mormon, and i hated church because it was long and boring. i would actually hide in the bathroom for as long as i could. but they aren't bored... well, not the whole time! lol.

the Word is anything but watered down, and the grace of God is always the last word of every sermon. The good news of Jesus.

For the first time in my life i am ready and willing to commit myself wholly to this body. to stop "dating the church" as they say, and become a "member". it's all been amazing.

at home we are doing a study together called "Big Truths for Young Hearts" and i love love love it! even shade, (my second oldest daughter) is getting a ton out of it. and she has a tendency to daydream. and what is even more exciting is she says stuff like "oh yeah, we talked about that in church, it's callled the trinity." oh... i am feeling so blessed.

but now for the not so great news. lol. the ways that i could respond to God's word like Josiah did... tearing down my false idols, and desiring to obey every word... would be to completely change in my marriage. i am the chiefest of all sinners friends. i sin in my pride, my need for control, my fears of trust. i feel literally physically bound by my sins. i feel a prisoner. i feel tormented. i am not passing on the responsibilty... but boy... am i feeliing helpless and sometimes even hopeless. yesterday was a bad one. i even forgot to or purposely neglected to cry out to God. to turn my thoughts toward Jesus. friends, please pray for me.

i look so forward to hearing your responses. i am glade we are "behind" my book didn't arrive until a few days ago, and i was scrambling to catch up, and i felt like i wasn't getting to really absorb the information.

i am lifting you up in prayer jes. i am so grateful for you facilitating this. thank you! and now that i have all your names, i will be lifting you all up as well. i am excited to take this journey with you! Soli Deo Gloria

chaundra Anderson said...

i just wrote a super long response to the questions. but my computer betrayed me. i will wait and see if you got it jes before i retype. waah!!