Monday, November 22, 2010

Update for Online Bible Study - #2

Hi Friends,

Well, I'm having to go to a clinic and have something checked from my surgery last week. I'm sure it's nothing, but because it could be a complication my doctor's office from NY has requested that I get it examined.

I'll spare you the details. You'll be so glad I did. :)

Thus, it will be either later today or early tomorrow that I get questions & video posted. If you've already finished week one, please go ahead and start on week two.

I have a few questions for each of you though...have you had the time to complete your work?

Is doing this over Thanksgiving week going to make things too tough on you, the keepers of the home?

Please do let me know...there is no guilt here. I was simply trying to make sure that we finished before Christmas. Do we need to take an extra week?

Love you today,


chaundra Anderson said...

I Can't start because my book isn't here yet. :( I'd love extra time. But that's just me.

I love the study so far. I was deeply moved when she asked what made us want to do the study. I just want to KNOW God. I want intimacy and authenticity. I want His Word to cleanse, renew, and heal me. Thanks so much for facilitating this Jes.

I will be praying for your check up! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to participate the next time- please say there will be a next time. =)

chaundra Anderson said...

Hey Jes, is everything alright? Will you be posting the first answers this week? Or did you decide we should focus on other things for the Holiday? I'm thinking about and praying for you.

Leta lou said...

I finally have my computer and Bible study together to make a comment or two but first I must thank you sweet friend for encouraging us all to embark on this study – it’s a different way of doing it but I like the fact that I’m a little more independent – not relying on someone else to tell me the answer in a group setting. Thank you for following God’s leading in this new approach.
So here’s the comments I have after the first week – I was trucking along – digging into knowing Josiah. I like how Kay took us straight to the scripture before teaching us the “how to” – it just came so easily! At one point I wrote a “thank you God for those un-named heroes that guided this child! In His way – and then I turned the page and read about Zephaniah! God you are always amazing!
But then I hit a bump! – page 36 – she asks when was this wrath, this evil going to come – and then frustrates me more by saying this is important! All I could glean was that the responses God gave were present tense – “My wrath burns against this place” Is that what she’s asking – if so what exactly makes that particularly important?
And then I have another comment re the first week’s study – verse 19 – because Josiah did all these things – God says He “truly” heard Josiah. He truly heard him??? - - - vs sorta hearing him??? Does that mean there are degrees of Him hearing us – I know in my heart that is not true – but it bothers me – that little word “truly”. Why is it there?? How does the word “truly”, truly translate?
And lastly – re our timing - It doesn't matter at all to me re extending the time line - whatever works best for you. I don’t want you to overburden yourself – you couldn’t possibly have anticipated all that’s going on for you right now, when you chose these dates.
I’m sure I speak for all that grace abounds for you as you recover from this Major Major life changing procedure! Thank you for keeping us in the loop – it helps us all to know how to specifically pray for you.
Love you sweet friend!
Leta lou!

Jes said...

Dear Anonymous...

There will be a next time, Lord willing. And, if you'd like to join us this time around you still can. I have an extra book and am happy to mail it to can email me privately at
and I'll send it right out to you.

Chaundra...I'll be posting today...started yesterday while I was at the hospital, but will get it up today! I'm so sorry for the delay!

In the meantime, enjoy Leta's comment, mull through what she's said, and feel free to leave any of your own.

Love you all!

Oh, I'm fine...just a little hiccup from the surgery, but all is well. Thank you for praying for me!

I love you ladies! Let the comments come...


chaundra Anderson said...

Hi Leta Lou, I'm Chaundra! I wanted to share with you what i thought about the question of when the wrath would happen, and I thought it was, not in Josiah's lifetime. Maybe the timing was important to notice, because the Lord kept Josiah from experiencing it??

I love the study for bringing to my attention the importance of God's Word. I love breaking the scripture down. Not to fill my brain with facts, but to know God better. I love how she uses God's Word to interpret and explain God's Word. I'm glad there isn't a lot of "fluff" like you fond in other women's bible studies. This is my first Kay Arthur study ever.

I am hoping my book gets here soon. I ordered some other curriculum and got it two days ago. :(

Love you!

chaundra Anderson said...

Yay!! I got my book today. I got to look at week two for a bit. But I'll be all over it in the morning. So excited!