Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I Encourage You to Vote Your Heart Before the Almighty, Not the Best Odds

Dear Friends,

I encourage you to vote your heart before God tomorrow, and not try to play the odds.

We will answer before the Almighty even for how we cast our votes!

Let us vote in such a way that we will be able to tell Him without pause, "I voted as I believed You wanted me to. I didn't look to polls, Lord. I looked to You!"

And let us do exactly that! Let us PRAY and PRAY and PRAY and follow the guiding of His Spirit within us.

To my TN friends in the 3rd Congressional District:

I just don't often speak out for candidates during voting time, as there have been very few that Shane and I have found who were clear enough about who they were and to WHOM they belonged, that we wanted to stick our necks out for them.

But this year, I can't keep quiet!

I so hope that you'll read about Savas Kyriakidis.
After reading this, 
and watching this: I knew I had to share our research with you.
A man after God's own heart...who is BOLD about it...that's who I hope to find representing us in Washington after tomorrow!

Please pray before you vote. Please obey the Lord in His leading on your heart.

Love to you today,

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Anonymous said...

WOW! If I lived in TN he'd sure get my vote! Let me know if he was voted in or not. praying for your trip tomorrow! Can't wait to hear about it! LOVE YOU! Shelly