Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New York Trip and God's Mighty Right Arm

This post won't be too pretty. Sorry.

Whew! When God lays out His plans for us He sure makes it clear!

My insurance company has approved the procedure in record time!

I am scheduled to have angioplasty on Friday.

I'm writing from the train, so no telling what this formatting will look like.

Walking in the truth and steadfastness found in Psalm 4 today!

Prayer requests :

Brennan's tender heart. She and I really miss each other.
Childcare worked out.
Cost effective lodging for the extension of our stay - possibly another week.
A wildly successful surgery.
Continued opportunities to share Christ without live as the dwelling places of His Spirit that we be hidden in Christ so that all we meet see Him and not us.

Of course, I'd like this to bring healing.

I love you all so much. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers!

What peace I have. There is no better place to be than resting in the hands of The Almighty.

Love, love, love...

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Anonymous said...

I join you in praising our Mighty, Eternal, Omnipotent, Self-Existent, Infinite, Self-Sufficient, Creator, Transcendent God! He is worthy! I am praying for you and each of your requests. I pray you spread His fame!
Shelly <><<