Friday, November 19, 2010

What Makes Jesus Such A Big Deal?

This is what God revealed to me from His Word recently:

John 1:14
And the Word became flesh and tabernacled among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

What happened in this verse that is of such great significance?

Do you know what the purpose of the tabernacle was in the Old Testament?

Who resided within the tabernacle?

Once there was a permanent temple (the first one) Whom did God promise the Israelites that He would cause to dwell with them forever, if they would keep His covenant?

Wow! Think about it! Think about why it was (and is) such a big deal that once the Spirit of God had left the temple due to the Israelites breaking their part of their covenant with God, we see His provision through Jesus as a new tabernacle.

And with Jesus present, who else would be there...filling the new tabernacle?

Do you see it?

Will you comment?

Also...what was the Word full of?

Now, check this out:

John 1:17
For the Law was given through Moses, grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.

What key repeated phrase do you see between the two verses?

What is huge here friends?


What did Jesus bring that no one else had? (Hint: there are several answers here.)

I know that I'm asking you to think...but I truly want you to see dig it out.

It's beautiful!

We leave in a few hours. Still praying for an upgrade. :-)

Chugga chugga choo-choo.

Chaundra, I'm THRILLED that you're inviting other women to join our blog study!!!!

SO exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you today,


chaundra Anderson said...

hi jes, i'm about to dig deeper into those thoughts you posted and His Word, but first a question. i have four ladies interested in joining. however, i think they would go for it if there was some way to post the first week while they (we) wait for the book. any ideas? also, is there a better way to contact you, or are you ok with me doing it through comments on your blog? lol!

chaundra Anderson said...

ok, so i looked in my concordance to see how many times in the OT the word grace appeared. and in my version it was only 3 times. however, truth is plastered all over the place. and so i pondered and prayed, and i'm going to do that some more. but, here is a thought, was the truth Jesus brought and we realized through Him the prophecies found about Him in the OT? He IS the Word incarnate. yes? am i missing something? what exactly is grace?.... God's forgiveness plus not getting what we deserve for our sins PLUS getting what we DON'T deserve. which is what???.... His Spirit? Now dwelling in us. So, does this make us a tabernacle?? YES! because our bodies are a temple!! Wow.... AND whoa...

chaundra Anderson said...

ok... i will stop posting comments, i promise! but i just wanted to let you know that ALL of week one is on the precepts website! yippee!!!! so so excited!!!

Jes said...

Oh Chaundra,

#1. I want you to know that Blaze is the only brunette that Caedmon has ever been smitten with, but smitten he is. Are you all amenable to an arranged marriage? :-)

#2. YOU ARE BLESSING MY SOUL SO MUCH! What an encouragement you are...your excitement is thrilling, edifying, and confirming. Thank you for carrying the torch of God's Word to your friends!

#3. I will check check with the ministry to see if I can somehow post week one. However, I'm guessing that Harvest House which is the publisher, may not allow it. If they don't my encouragement is this: the study discussion will be posted here, so you and your friends could even choose to wait until your books arrive and start at that point. You'll still be able to access the comments others have left, and can join in the discussion then. I'll try to remember to encourage all study members to go back a few weeks and see what all of you have had to contribute from what God's Spirit has shown you during your study time. :-)

#4. You can contact me privately anytime at

Love to you today! Tell all of your friends that I'd love to have their names to add to our list on the above tab. :-)

Jes said...

Yay! Thanks for finding that for me!

Now if I can, I'll post the link while I'm on the train today.

We'll be pulling into Atlanta tomorrow morning. I'll wave at you! :-)