Friday, November 19, 2010

Wanna Begin the Online Bible Study but Don't Yet Have a Book?

No worries!

Thanks to Chaundra, I now know that the first week of the study is available as a free download.

So, you can go right now to, look for the Store tab, enter in "LORD, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days," and purchase your book.

Then, on that same page you can click to look inside the book and there you will be able to download THE WHOLE FIRST WEEK!


So let's get started! There's no better time than RIGHT NOW to learn how to dig in, how to mine the riches of God's Word for yourself!

Seriously, can you think of 3 good reasons NOT to learn how to study His Word?

If you have spent your lifetime being TOLD what God's Word says and means, but you've never learned how to study for much longer do you WANT your Bible to seem so foreign to you?

And God forbid....what if those you've been taught by have been as wrong as the man was by whom I was indoctrinated for so many years?

I so hope you'll join us today!

God's Word is sweeter than honey, and honey is yummy!

Love you today,


chaundra Anderson said...

I am so enjoying the first few days. Today i am seeing how the Word MUST concern us. We need to have a tender heart towards His Word. But first we need to HEAR His Word. Love it Jes! So interesting to me that the Word was lost in the House of the Lord. Moving around I've seen some churches that were in the same boat! I'm so grateful to be a part of a body that is feeding me right now. I pray that our love for His Word would deepen through this study. And by the power of His Holy Spirit.

Btw, when's the wedding date. We are definitely on! :)

Jes said...


I'm SO excited for you!
Your zeal to know God's Word is going to be such an encouragement for all of us.
Now that we're in Chattanooga, we'll have to set up play date for the kiddos!
Think of the pretty and intelligent grandbabies we'd have!!!
Eight years, ten years...think that would work?
Love you!