Friday, November 12, 2010

A Very Quick Update

I am well and the surgery went great.

What I was certain of going into this procedure turned out to be spot on! (Thanks to Dr. Mehta for his amazing philosophy that the patient KNOWS how their body is feeling, and that the doctor's role is to discover the problem.)

Wow! The paridgm that makes a good salesperson also makes a good doctor! Who knew?!

It turned out that ALL 3 of my veins were either twisted or grossly occluded.

The azygous vein was 50% shut off. That's the one close to the heart. Painful!

The right jugular was 60% shut down and twisted.


Drumroll please. ....

The left jugular was NINETY percent shut down! If that weren't enough, a much smaller exterior vein was taking the load, so to speak, for the larger one that wasn't working.

Ummmm....that could really explain a LOT about these insane headaches I've had for the past 2 years!

I go back on Tuesday for the right jugular to be angioplastied.

Thank you so much for praying over my requests! God certainly has been answering!

I am totally exhausted and my neck hurts from the blowing up of the balloon. Thank you again for praying!

Thank you, and goodnight. :-)

Much Love,


Kim Green said...

Yay!! Amazing work for your doctor and what an inspiration you're gonna be for other MS patients!! PRAISE GOD! And kuddos to YOU for your bravery and for hanging in there. I know you're scared on the inside but the outside is AMAZINGLY Southern!

Paula Hemann said...

Praising our Lord for a successful procedure, and continued prayers for the procedures and treatments yet to come! Running with you to the strong Tower of His Name today!

Jamiee Wade said...

wow that's some crazy stuff Jes!
God is so amazing!!!1
You go rest and let your body heal sweetie!

Deb said...

WOW--Praise Be TO God!!
for this glorious outcome.