Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New York Trip Part 4 - Fun Pictures - Light for a Change

 Pretty Lisa Sue in Times Square.

 Me and my super cool new fuchsia purse. 
I am NOT hiking my skirt up, Miss Hannah! 
It just looks that way because I'm goofing off. 
So maybe the sweater dress needs some jeggings under it. 
Or, maybe it's not a dress. YIKES!

 Patrick Stewart after his stunning performance. I gotta tell you, as an actress at heart...this man's physicality on stage...his use of both his voice and his body as his instrument, the way he actively listened to his co-player...the way every word was spoken as fresh and new...aaaaaaaaaah....these are the things that true acting are made of.

He was brilliant, yet still so gracious to the other actor who was also very good...but didn't have the years of experience that Mr. Stewart does.

And speaking of GRACIOUS...can't you tell from his body position in this picture how he is engaging with the patrons?
A true gentleman.

He was so kind to me.
Lisa and I were the last ones out, and I got to tell him how he had redeemed the previous night for having studied for years, I could truly appreciate what they had done for us on the stage that afternoon.

Tears were streaming (big surprise, right) down my cheeks and he gave me a big hug and showed his pleasure by his words, that this performance had meant so much to us.

The view from our hotel room on the 42nd floor. If ever you make it to NYC, I suggest the DoubleTree at Times Square. Having a suite is the BOMB, and the service is unmatched!

Um...not being snotty here, but did you know
Yahootie for the front desk staff!

Standing in line at the TKTS booth for cheap day-of tickets. 

There's a huge staircase behind me, which I'm guessing is so people can climb up and have their picture taken in front of the infamous sign. 

Speaking of pictures...I'm so glad that Lisa is the photographer, because without her I'd leave with none.

I love you so much, girl! Who knew 2 middle aged women could have so much fun together for a whole week?!

Dinner before Phantom of the Opera at some swanky little french bistro. The food was fantastic! 

They have what they call a Prix Fixe at many of the restaurants here...for $25 you get a 3 course meal. 

Again with the pictures in the theatre...but by now, if you've been reading my Facebook page, you know who the guilty party is!

If you get a call from me to bail us out of jail, please pick up...for I will have been unjustly accused. :)

Do you know what this picture is of? 

Comment with a guess and I'll enter you into a free giveaway for a little chackie from NYC.

Ahem, and Laura, if you don't enter a guess I'll know you're just a stalker...because I am certain that you know the answer!

Lisa must have known I was missing my man, so she took this picture of an almost bald man's head for me. You're so thoughtful girlfriend!

Not sure what was going on in the Presidential Suite just down the hall, but we thought this was Hi. Lar. Ious!

I am a Texas BBQ snob, but I gotta say...the food was delicious at the BBQ place across the street from 
The Brooklyn Tabernacle.

See my puffer fish eyes?
I cried so much in church that I look like I need Botox!

At Grand Central Station, getting ready to take my first ride on an Amtrak. 

May I just say, I LOVE train travel! That alone could lure me to a life in the city, I think. My head was hurting so bad in this picture that I was sure it was going to explode! Can you see it in my eyes?
Doesn't Lisa look beautiful in green? You should see that sweater with her pretty green eyes!

Now...for the last 2 pictures. It's up to you...would you please leave a comment and tell us what you think the story is?

I promise, you'll make Lisa and I laugh until we cry, and then in a day or two I'll write to let you know who got it right. they are...

 Love Ya'll Today,
from the Big Apple
(it just feels cool to write that!)


Laura said...

Correctly accused of blog stalking. I wasn't doing it to seem aloof, I wanted to give your other readers a chance to comment for a change. :)

Based on the clues you gave on your fb page as well as here, I would say that's a pic of the moving chandelier from the opening scene of Phantom of the Opera.

This time, I'll accept a prize please. :)

chandy said...

I know that one! It's the chandelier that (almost) comes crashing down. I love Phantom!

Paula Hemann said...

I was blessed with an opportunity to see Phantom in NYC--that picture HAS to be the crashing chandelier from Phantom of the Opera!

Praying for you, Jes, and asking God's peace, guidance and direction as you seek Him through all of this.

Much love,