Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New York Trip - The Doctor's Visit

Precious Friends,

I had intended to write a synopsis for you tonight, but it's 3:15am and I should have been in bed hours ago.

The bottom line: I need your prayers so much right now. Shane and I have laid out a fleece before the LORD in prayer, and we will see how He answers it.

Would you please pray over the situation for me?

There is a chance that I could stay here in NY and have the operation's all about insurance and clarity at this point.

So truly, I beg you for your prayers.

My friend Lisa is in much better shape than I am. She may likely decide that her symptoms are not strong enough to warrant going through the procedure right now. I won't comment on that further, as it's her story to tell, not mine.

As for me...I want it. I want to feel good again, to stop the pounding in my head...

So many pieces of the puzzle I'm sorting through.

My aunt who has had problems with her legs for years. I'm not certain, but I believe it could have been vascular.
My grandmother who had mini strokes and then a big one which took her life.
My father's lifetime of migraines.
My grandfather's aneurysms.

These vascular issues run in the family. They are genetic.

I want to stay here and undergo the procedure...I just need my insurance company to approve it, and quickly.

And then, I need prayer that the amount we'll have to pay on the 90/10 plan will not break our little piggy bank.

I want to be well. I want to walk straight. I want to be able to talk without feeling like all I can do is lisp because my tongue feels so heavy.

I could go on and on, but I won't.

Just suffice it to say that I am EXCITED!

I love you all.
I'll write more tomorrow...

Thank you for your prayers. They truly have kept us going!

No proofing tonight, so I'm sorry if I write something silly like "sheaths" instead of "sheaves" again.



Deb said...

Father God,
As I sit here this morning after reading the prayer request of Jes, and see the sun rising and will shine over the earth. I pray that you God, over all of heaven and earth will grant Jes's request in a speedily manner. I/we will ask and leave this answer of course in your hands, in your grace and your mercy.
We pray that YOU would be solely over this situation and that there would be no interference from this world.

Praise you that we may ask and we KNOW because of this that you will answer and we may trust that you ruler of all has answered with everything in heaven and on earth considered.

We praise you for having our best at heart. Thank you in the mighty name of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

im on my knees friend! Shelly

Tiki said...

I am praying and fasting and weeping on your behalf sister. I love you.