Sunday, November 14, 2010

LORD, Teach Me To Study The Bible in 28 Days...Week 1 Kickoff!

Hi, hi, hi Sweet Friends,

Today has been such a great day! I'm up and about and Lisa and I have hit the town. This is the cutest little place! 

We're in Lee, MA and right now I'm writing to you from a table where Dickens and President Lincoln once ate. 

Isn't that just too cool for school?! 

I'm writing a blog post from a table where Dickens ate! 
Wonder if he was writing in his head as he enjoyed his fare, like I so often do. 

Wonder what President Lincoln (who read the Bible all the way through 6 times by the time he was 12) was pondering.

We're eating dinner at the Red Lion Inn, with a crackling fire behind us and a lovely pianist playing the most delicious music!

We've snacked on candied walnuts, cranberries, and some wonderful chive cheese spread...just a preview of great things to come for our tummies.

I'll be starting with Autumn Squash & Cider Bisque. Mmmm!

Please, don't hate me because I'm dining like a queen.

I mastered the messy bun today...lovin' it!

Lisa got a lovely pair of sterling silver earrings for herself, and I found the ring of my dreams! Since MS came to roost, I haven't been able to wear my ring that Shane bought for my middle finger of my right hand, and I've felt naked without it.

Today however, all my problems are solved I found a ring that I'm really diggin', it's 7 thin little sterling silver bands. 7...just discovered that as I wrote this, God's number of perfection and completion. 

$34 later, I'm feeling quite spoiled and happy. :), for those of you who are starting the Bible study with me this week...aren't you SO ready to get going?! I know that I am!

Over the next 7 days, I want you to work through week one. The book is laid out so that it will feel as though Kay is sitting right beside you, walking you step by step through each assignment.

HOWEVER, if you have ANY questions I really want you to email them to me. I'm going to be here to walk with you too.

My deepest desire is that you will fall in love with studying God's Word for yourself, and I will help you in any way that I can.

I won't give you the answers, but I will help you learn how to dig them out.

After you've done your week's work, come back here to the blog and I'll have a list of questions for you...most will be application questions for you to pray over and ask of yourself.

I'll post those on November 21st.
That will also be the post where I'd like for you to write your comments about how the Lord impacted your heart from what you learned. 

In the schedule below, please note the other dates  where I'd like you to leave your comments for that week.

If I can finally figure out how to do it, I will also be uploading videos each Monday.

So's the boiled down version of the schedule:

Nov. 15-21: Work through week 1.
Nov. 21: Come here and review application ?s and comment.
Nov. 22: Watch the wrap up video and begin the next week.

Nov. 22-28: Work through week 2.
Nov. 28: Come here and review application ?s and comment.
Nov. 29: Watch the wrap up video and begin the next week.

Nov. 29-Dec. 5: Work though week 3.
Dec. 5: Come here and review application ?s and comment.
Dec. 6: Watch the wrap up video and begin the next week.

Dec. 6-12: Work through week 4.
Dec. 12: Come here and review application ?s and comment.
Dec. 13: Watch the wrap up video and let's have a party!

One note: PLEASE comment! 

Please, I beg you to do this. 

As of tonight, there aren't many of us signed up for the study, and we will need each others' comments in order to grow. It's through discussion that this happens, as we sharpen one another.

So please...share the insights that the Holy Spirit shows you. By your willingness to do so, others will be strengthened in their understanding of what they've studied.

Okay sweet friends...the bisque is calling my name, and I think Lisa is about to starve to death, so I will close for now.

Remember to email me at, as questions arise.

I'm so excited for you that I could just POP!

I'm praying for you, and I want you to remember to pray before you study every. single. time. 

It's The Holy Spirit who is your teacher, so make sure that you ask Him to do just that...teach you.

And, I want to give you one word of warning:
The evil one DOES NOT want you in the Word of God!

He will do anything he can to keep you from the truth, for he knows that by it your life will be changed forever...and not only yours, but the lives of your family members, your church body, and the lost whom God will send you to.

So know that you will face opposition, and begin praying right now that the Lord will give you courage and focus to keep your head down and do the study.

I love you so much, and I'm beside myself with excitement!
I can't wait to see how our God will move in our lives in just 4 short weeks!

In Jesus,


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chaundra Anderson said...

Can I join in Jes? I will look further at your blog to find out what book it is, and try to get ahold of it in time. This is just what I need!